Thursday, May 31, 2007

Taking The High Road

Today there was a joint appearance of Emmett Hanger and Scott Sayre on WSVA radio. The blogosphere is aware of an effort to attack candidates family members. A question was fielded by both candidates today relating to DWI laws, and both candidates answered the question.

Unfortunately, a statement was not made at that time to say that personal attacks on family members should not be a part of this campaign. That statement alone would have, or could have ended this relentless 'character assassination' of family members during a campaign. It has already been stated the two have each others phone numbers. Excerpt:
I received a call from Senator Hanger today asking me to contact the individuals who operated bloggers4hanger in order that they remove their blog. I did contact them and they did remove the blog.
I know that Emmett Hanger and George Allen are friends and have campaigned together in the past. I wonder what Allen's advice would be?

Democrats, Independents, Anarchists, Socialists, Move-on.orgers, ANYONE, PLEASE vote for me in the REPUBLICAN Primary. I am asking for you to do what you can so we can keep those anti-government, anti-tax extremists from electing an actual Republican. I am asking you here to vote for me. As you know, I am doing my part by letting everyone know that even though it is a REPUBLICAN primary, to decide who will represent the REPUBLICAN Party, Virginia allows everyone to vote in it's open primary system. I have sent out a mailing with an actual absentee ballot to many of you Democrats, so your friends and neighbors won't see you actually vote in a REPUBLICAN primary(TRUE ! ! !)Please make sure you vote for me. -signed Sen.Hanger
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Desperate is as Desperate Does

Emmett Hanger was handily beaten by Scott Sayre in last nights debate. Scott came prepared with a grasp of the issues, and the willingness to take on a 3 term incumbent. Scott's most successful (IMHO) strategy was to isolate Emmett from our own very popular Delegates, Landes, Saxman, & Cline.

When Emmett got his chance to bash the "No New Taxes Pledge", Scott hammered him right back with reminding the audience that our Delegates also signed that pledge. The only one Sayre forgot to mention was Rep. Goodelatte, who has it hanging up on his wall in his Staunton office.

On the 04' tax increase, Sayre again reminded the audience, that all of our delegates voted against that bill. Even further damaging was SB30, the $2.6M tax increase bill that Emmett also supported, but ultimately couldn't find the votes, so only the $1.4M tax increase package prevailed.

Illegal Immigration, same outcome. Emmett just could not run and hide from the fact that he authored a bill (SB1204) to give illegal immigrants in-state tuition. The House Bill sponsored by Del. Reid simply stated "No" in-state tuition if you are an illegal alien. Sayre again successfully aligned himself with the local and very popular Delegates.

The Hanger Campaign seeing their polling numbers steadily heading south, and with the realization that 7 out of 8 24th District unit chairman back Sayre have now sent out a three page glossy flyer including an absentee ballot with this message in RED:

"REMEMBER: The Republican Primary is open to ALL registered voters of the 24th Senate District"

I have not embellished the capitalization or emphasis at all....

But it doesn't stop there. Now the Hanger camp is attacking members of Scott's family.. via the blogs.... Soundly beaten on the issues, they attack a candidate that has run a clean campaign. This is a guy who won't let me put up a "Least Wanted Poster" in campaign HQ....
You know people asked can the 'rift' in the local GOP be repaired regardless of the outcome of the June 12th Primary. This kind of 'dirty pool' sure isn't going to help now is it?

The Dems fall right into the trap

Now it's time for some actual analysis on what the Democrats' nomination of David Cox means.

I should note that I observed a primary somewhat similar to this two years ago when Shaun Kenney tried to knock off Delegate Robert Orrock. The local Democrats had someone waiting in the wings, but largely kept the would-be nominee there. In the end, the Dems never put a candidate forward; I'm guessing it's because they didn't think Orrock would go down (he won by about eight points in the primary).

In this case, however, the Democrats have decided to go "above ground," and not only put forth their nominee (Cox), but had him rip Scott Sayre up one side and down the other. It was left to former Senator Frank Nolen to go after Hanger. From this, I can draw a couple of conclusions (admittedly from afar).

The Democrats think Sayre will win: They wouldn't have bothered with a nominee, let alone finding someone to push aside the would-be tax-cutter Will Hrovat, if they thought Hanger would pull this out. Cox will have little, if any, appeal to Sayre voters if Hanger wins. Moreover, a Democrat running against Hanger would put some local Dems in a pickle. Clearly, this is a scenario they don't see coming.

More to the point, the Dems want Sayre to win: The strategy the Democrats are employing is right out of their Republican-primary-reaction playbook - run a candidate who will supposedly appeal to those who voted for the moderate primary loser. Of course, Cox will run no matter what happens, but no Democrat outside the 24th will care as much if Hanger is renominated. Conventional wisdom holds that Hanger is tougher to beat than Sayre is (said conventional wisdom is wrong, but I'll get to that later).

Local Democrats know this as much as anyone else, which bring us to the most important point, Hanger cannot rely on a single Democrat to support him in a primary: The partisan Dems won't be looking at the primary choice as the lesser of two evils (as many did in the aforementioned Kenney-Orrock race), they'll be looking at the best chance to take the seat. That will mean sitting the primary out, or for the more Machiavellian types, actually voting for Sayre in the primary (note: in the land of my birth and upbringing - New Jersey - cross-party primary sabotage was routine).

So will the Democrats win the seat if Sayre knocks off Hanger?


As I've mentioned before, the presence of Liberatarian Arin Sime throws a monkey wrench into the Democrats' plan, for reasons I mentioned earlier:
Sime will have to oppose Sayre from the left, in which case he and the Democrat will be fishing in the same pond. So in a general election, Sime and the Democrat will battle for the liberal minority while Sayre has the conservative majority all to himself, and as such, he (Sayre) will cruise to victory.
This is why I have always considered Sayre the stronger general election candidate than Hanger. As I expected, most Democrats disagree, including the Democrats in the 24th. So thanks to their mistake, Scott Sayre is not only better positioned in the general election, but the primary election as well.

The Sayre campaign couldn't have had it better if they had planned it all.

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Who's the frontrunner?

Amidst the Hanger-Sayre primary debate last night and the Democrats' nomination of David Cox to face the winner of said primary, this little nugget from The New Dominion's Chris Graham (emphasis added):
Cox, who ran unsuccessfully for the 24th House District seat that represents a chunk of the 24th Senate District against Republican Ben Cline in 2005, came out of the shadows as a candidate viewed by local Dems as the candidate who can knock off the person presumed to be the frontrunner for the GOP nomination in the June 12 Senate primary on the Republican side, Buena Vista businessman Scott Sayre.
What? Scott Sayre is the frontrunner? I thought Emmett Hanger was going to cruise against us "extremist" yahoos.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Debate BRCC 2007...

There was a good turnout tonight at the Question\Answer forum between State Senator Hanger and Candidate Sayre at the Blue Ridge Community College...

The format worked well and I am sure there will be much written about the "Debate" in the next few days by the local bloggers, Bob Stuart from the NewsVirginian, and David Royer in the NewsLeader...
Rightside will be sure to write about it the way I saw it and I was glad to see this type of format provided to the voters of the 24th district...

Many Issues and topics will be discussed in the next few days. One thing that stood out to me tonight was the perceived future of the Virginia economy by the two Candidates. It has been reported recently that the Virginia budget may see a shortfall in the future due to slowing housing sales and other economic reasons. It was interesting to see how each Candidate responded to this question and how they saw the future with how they would\will address a potential "Shortfall"...

Some People see this glass as "Half-empty" as compared to other people who see this glass "Half-full"...

I believe in the man who considers this glass "Half-full" and sees the potential and the strength of the American worker and business's to respond to the challenge as we did after the attacks of September 11th.

Emmett's Popularity

Spark it up isn't mincing a lot of words over at his blog concerning Emmett's performance on this May 25th The New Dominion Podcast.

Kilo ponders:

Hmmm..Something here does not make sense. Pollsters presented this option to Emmett because he is so popular? Come on Emmett! Do thou speak with forked tongue? So your pollsters and workers presented you with the option of running as a independent because of your overwhelming popularity?

You get the feeling that poll wasn't confined to the 'universe' of identified Republican voters only. Maybe it's:

Popularity with Democrats... He votes with Gov. Mark Warner in 04' for the largest tax increase in the history of Virginia.

BTW, Republitarian sure seems to agree with this tax increase, looky here at question #14, he really is out of the closet, concerning his support for Hanger, which also apparently is a water closet.

Popularity with Democrats... He votes with Gov. Kaine on tax increases. This makes a lot of sense why he would think of running as an independent... Makes you wonder with which party would he caucus if he did win such a run?

Popularity with Democrats... He refers to his fellow Republicans as 'extremists'. Now who uses that type of language?

Al Gore has made his sharpest attack yet on the George Bush presidency, describing the current US administration as "a renegade band of rightwing extremists".

That hurts....

Sayre's Military Experience

Scott Sayre's military prowess is great and very evident. The people of Heidelberg, Germany are sure to be indebted to his presence in their city.

In Heidelberg, First Lieutenant Scott Sayre had under his command 272 soldiers. Serving as security platoon leader in his combat support company, he also found himself taking on the positions of a unit field officer and voting officer.

In the peaceful moments at base, when the eminent threat of a terrorist attack was not looming on the horizon, it was Sayre's job to see that all the soldier's pay was dispersed correctly. This was a major boost to the soldier's morale and welfare in the unit. Sayre also orchestrated brining American Christmas's to Germany for the troops--organizing Christmas Parties for his men. In an effort to bring in more capital to his unit, he installed video games in the NCO Lounge in Patton Barracks...converting it to a leisure room with couches. The money that was spent on these games generated much income and that money went directly back into the company's fund.

But all was not peaceful...terrorists were out there to be sure. And Scott Sayre's band of men at Heidelberg defended their post, base, and city with frightening voraciousness. And perhaps that is why that under 1LT. Sayre's command, THERE WERE NO TERRORIST ACTIVITIES SUCCESSFULLY CARRIED OUT. That is because Sayre is a military man. He knew now and then the value of true leadership and what a true military tactician should be. His men served as the elite guards of the US-European War Room in Campbell Barracks. Here were some of the allies most confidential, sensitive, and encrypted correspondences and orders. At any time, one could find the room buzzing with officers from many different branches and usually 4 and 3 star generals. For these men, in addition to guarding the room itself, Sayre and his men served as these general's personal bodyguards.

(1LT. Sayre, 1st Row, Second from Right)

In 1981, at the height of terrorism in this area, Sayre's men were guarding General Frederick Kroesen (Commander in Chief of United States Army Europe and Commander of NATO’s Central Army Group) and his wife who were in Heidelberg at that time. Terrorists, probably Belgians, attack his limousine with rocket propelled grenades and gunfire. The surprise terrorist attack failed, due to the quick action and defense of Sayre's men and the fact that the General's Mercedes limo was armour plated and bulletproof. Aside from that close incident, the only remotely close act of terrorism on Sayre's watch occurred when a man was caught with a .22 while spying in on Sayre's officer's club. The man was captured, and then released. Sayre tried to reward the MP who caught the man but was instructed not too. Why? Again, because of the military prowess of Sayre and his men, their discovery of this one man and his release, led them back to his safe house, broke down the entire command structure of the Red Army Faction and took it's leader, Christian Clare--commander of Bader Meinhof--into military custody.

So revered and praised for his devotion to his men and duty to the cause of freedom and democracy, 1LT. Scott Sayre's tour was extended and he led his men on for another 4 months.

needs true leadership. We need a leader who will run his Senate seat effectively and purposefully. We need a leader whom his followers can trust. Scott Sayre is that leader. He has proven himself worthy--not only in the business world--but in a country whose world was at war.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Sayre at T-Bone Tooters...

Republican 24th District Senate Candidate
Scott Sayre
Tuesday, May 29
9:00 a.m.
T-Bone Tooter's Restaurant
Churchville (Rt. 250)
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Happy Memorial Day

Pictured here is the USS Maine Memorial in Arlington Cemetery, Washington DC.

I first happened upon this Memorial a few years back while walking the cemetery. It is very striking, check out this link for all the history.

A special Thanks from B4S goes out to all of our Veterans! Happy Memorial Day.

SWAC Girl has a greeting and tribute today.
Scott's Morning Brew, Memorial Day, and the hazards of serving your country!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Emmett Hanger – Out of Step

GOP Hokie has some great info up on the Family Foundation Ratings here. Of interest to me was Emmett Hanger receiving a 86. Emmet falls short of real leaders like Chris Saxman, Ben Cline, and Steve Landis who all received 100. It seems Hangers tax vote and school choice votes have cost him and left him out of step with the others. His opponent Scott Sayre is anti tax and pro school choice. GOP Hokie wonders if this will be a issue. Yes, It already is. Sayre has campaigned on the tax and school choice platform.
This leaves me wondering why Saxman, Landis, and Cline have not endorsed Sayre? It seems his platform is more instep with them than Hanger. But, they have not endorsed the incumbent Hanger either. Go figure.
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Friday, May 25, 2007

Hanger: Pot Calls Kettle Black

Emmett Hanger seemingly criticized consumers who took advantage of low interest rates to build these big houses, and buy these gas guzzling cars, and now the taxes to pay for these amenities are coming back to bite them.

This revelation came about on the latest The New Dominion Podcast.

Well Emmett how about a little introspection on your and the 'Senate Leaderships' part. While the General Assembly was enjoying high revenues, as a matter of fact high enough revenues to double the Commonwealth's budget in the last ten years didn't the General Assembly build us a big tax guzzling Government?

This is literally how 'out of touch' Emmett Hanger and the Senate Leadership are and literally how they view those stupid Virginians pursuing the American Dream?

This same Leadership spent an anticipated 6.5% in projected growth in tax revenues but come to find out our economy could only provide an increase of 3.5% in new tax revenue. As a matter of fact Emmett admits in the podcast that the Senate Finance Committee was aware of the slowdown in the new home building market, but took no steps to account for it, or if they did, just plain blow it!

Now of course we all know what happens when we have a budget shortfall right? The 'gap' needs to be bridged with new and or higher taxes, doesn't it? However, you have all those people who are just 'Mad at the World', and do stuff like volunteer at the grassroots level of the Republican Party, and/or sign crazy things like 'No New Taxes Pledges'.

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MisLeader still at it...

SWAC GIRL has a good post here highlighting the latest MisLeader attempt to 'inform' their readers about Scott Sayre's positions on the issues! An excerpt:

In today's Staunton News Leader it happened again. The title says, "Sayre: Anti-tax, anti-immigrant." If you read no further you would leave thinking Scott Sayre was anti-immigrant. But knowing that was not true, I read the letter and found it said he was anti-illegal immigrant.

Here's the letter judge for yourself what it said.

Now let's look at Scott Sayre's Website, and his position on immigration, and now for the rest of the story:

Immigration Reform
Our nation was built by immigrants -- hard-working, law abiding citizens who spent their lives building a better future for their children and grandchildren. Immigrants built this great nation. Because of the greatness of America and the freedoms and opportunities we enjoy, our nation is a magnet for the world. We are also a nation of laws and we must protect these laws or lose our liberties.
All immigrants must begin their journey in the United States with respect for our laws, and the respect of our fellow Americans. Those who violate the law by entering this country illegally are diminishing the American Dream for those who have, with patience and commitment, pursued a path to citizenship in a legal manner.
As a state acting alone it is difficult, if not impossible, to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. This is a problem that needs a comprehensive national solution. But this does not mean that we should sit idly by. We have an ability to remove incentives for illegal immigrants to come or stay in our Commonwealth.
I will support legislation to:
Preserve and protect in-state tuition at state colleges and universities only for those who are citizens and legal residents of Virginia. I would not support my opponent's sponsored bill, SB 677, and SB 1204 granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.
Propose legislation requiring verification of legal employment on a quarterly basis.
Hold illegal immigrants charged with a felony without bail.
Require identification when voting and ensure that all non-citizens are removed from the voter roles.
Allow for litigation when an employer knowingly hires illegal aliens and harms a law-abiding competitor.
Language is a common denominator which unites cultures. Generations of immigrants have come to our shores, embraced our language and assimilated into our American culture. I see no need to accommodate the rising tide of immigrants by changing the way we have done business for hundreds of years. I support Congressman Goodlatte's efforts to make English the official language of the United States .
Check out my Biography and Consider: My wife's grandparents were immigrants. Sayre Enterprises has employed hundreds of persons without ever having an I-9 inquiry or violation. Why let businesses wait until February of every year to get illegal immigrant W-2's returned. Identify the illegal immigrants now and solve the problem or face litigation.

Come on guys you should be able to better than this. RightsideVA has another example of the MisLeader almost giving us the whole story! Thank Goodness for Bloggers, and hey, time to sign up for the Next Blog Conference.
Now here is a blogger Elle, that gets more info. out on the candidates positions then will probably ever see from the local media. Spark it Up takes the DWJ crew to task in his post and comments section. Isn't interesting to see who is most vocal in support of Senator Hanger.


Sayre's Military Legacy

(Lt. Sayre, Second from the right)
Scott Sayre is a military man. I’m sure that if he wasn’t married to Mary, he’d still be wed to the armed forces. Not only was he hitting the front lines himself, combating the evils of terrorism, his lineage is one of a true, patriotic, fighting-for-liberty ancestry.

The most notable of which was Francis Bowes Sayre—a cousin to Scott Sayre—he has the distinction of being the son-in-law to President Woodrow Wilson. Francis Bowes Sayre began his tenure in the government by serving (beginning in 1923) as the Foreign Advisor to the King of Siam. As most of you should know, that was during the push of western imperialism into 3rd world countries…and with that came unjust tariffs and laws. It was Sayre who befriended the King and soon got countries like England, France, Great Britain Portugal, and Spain to get these unjust treaties revoked.

After serving as a distinguished professor at Harvard Law School he was commissioned FDR to be the High Commissioner of the Philippines in 1939. While there, during the attack and bombardment of Corregidor, he waited out the storm of bombs in the bunker with General Douglas MacArthur. Later, in 1942, fearing capture, he was able to escape at the last moment under the cover of night by submarine.

Later on his life, Francis Bowes Sayre became a Christian missionary in the less-than-friendly regions of Japan.

It looks as though the military and spiritual legacy of Francis Bowes Sayre has run through the family tree and has touched Scott, so many years later. If what the United States experienced when Sayre defended it, is anything like what the leadership of Scott Sayre has to offer Virginia, there should not be a shadow of a doubt—Scott Sayre is the right man for the job.

A look at the military life of Scott Sayre will follow this post…

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Senator Hanger & the 'Gas Tax'

If Emmett Hanger had his way SB 708 would be law and Virginia's consumer would be subject to a 5% per gallon tax on the wholesale price of gasoline in addtion to the $.35 cents a gallon we pay now. The IBD chart says $37.7, but I have always heard $.35.

At $2.50 per gallon (wholesale) the extra tax would bring the total per gallon to $47.5 cents, at $3.00 (seems where we're going) it will be $.50 per gallon.

Take a look at the chart I borrowed from and at $.50 cents per gallon it would move Virginia into ninth place for highest gas taxes in the nation. It would actually be higher than NJ's $32.9 cents per gallon. Now we have heard quite a bit about Virginia being a great state to do business, but increases in taxes on a commodity like gasoline along with what has obviously been an exponential growth of the Commonwealth's budget in general over the past ten years is going to eventually drag our business environment down.

Seriously, why couldn't our General Assembly hold the line on the growth of our annual budget which has doubled in only the last 10 years, while the population has only grown 10%, and inflation has been only 2 to 3% annually? Now all the talk is about our coming budget deficit whereby the GA projected a 6.5% increase in revenues and our economy was only able to come up with 3.5%?

There is a simple solution to that, and it has to do with changing the Leadership in the VA General Assembly's Senate. Scott Sayre says "Let's stimulate business to encourage revenue growth". Now that's pretty Reaganesque thinking and I like that. Scott is a businessman that has had the burden of meeting a payroll, dealing with governmental Red Tape and regulations. He knows business, and he knows what businesses need to thrive.

Russ Potts and Chichester are gone, and we're working on one more here in the 24th. It is time for a change. Let's Thank Senator Hanger for his public service, and bring in some new blood.
Speaking of "Calls for lower taxes", & new Leadership on the Immigration issue is also a must!


Did Emmett Hanger actually look at the current budget?

Emmett Hanger tried to defend his tax increase votes thusly (emphasis added, h/t Inpollitically Correct):
As a conservative Republican, I am a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility, but recognize that the term fiscal responsibility may or may not mean lowering taxes and it may or may not mean reducing spending, but it always should mean providing necessary services in as efficient a manner as is possible and within the constraints of a balanced budget.

Here's my question for Senator Hanger: does he honestly believe the current $70+ billion monstrosity of a budget is "providing necessary services in as efficient a manner as is possible"?

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Dem echos call for lower taxes

Will Hrovat is a Democrat seeking his party's nomination in the 24th Senate District. Not too much has surfaced regarding Hrovat's platform, but one message that he has reiiterated is tax reform. In today's News Leader, David Royer reports, "If elected, he said, he would work for a middle-class tax cut."

I'm not sure what I am more suprised about, the fact that a Democrat is advocating lower taxes, or the fact that all three of Emmett Hanger's opponents are advocating lower taxes.

Republican challenger Scott Sayre writes:

I believe it's time we send a message to the career politicians in Richmond that enough is enough - that Virginia citizens have had enough of higher taxes and spiraling government spending. Those who say higher taxes are the only answer are just plain wrong.

Libertarian Arin Sime echos Sayre saying:
"As a small business owner, Arin sees first-hand how heavy taxation burdens everyday people and Virginia’s economy. Many in Richmond, especially in the State Senate, apparently believe that the state must take even more of your money to fund their pet projects. Arin knows the state has already taken more than enough money to fund core responsibilities of government; what the politicians and bureaucrats in Richmond really need is fiscal restraint and respect for your rights."

Senator Hanger has labled low tax advocates as "extremists". Then, in defense of his position
said, "taxes are part of a civilized society, and must be looked at based on how equitable they are and what services they fund."

He further states:

I recognize that the term fiscal responsibility may or may not mean lowering taxes and it may or may not mean reducing spending, but it always should mean providing necessary services in as efficient a manner as is possible and within the constraints of a balanced budget.

Sounds like on the tax issue, Hrovat and Hanger have swapped parties.

Yet the question begs to be asked--if all three of the challengers are advocating a lower tax, doesn't that send a message to the Senator that voters in the 24th are fed up with his tax hikes?

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More on Hanger & his Illegal Immigration Bill

The tale of two General Assembly Bills addressing In-State Tuition for Illegal Immigrants. Emmett Hanger bill SB 1204, and Delegate John Reid's HB 1050.

Elle does a great post here on Hanger's bill that provides a loop hole for Illegal Immigrants to get In-State Tuition. Hangers amendment to allow it:

D. Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection A, any person shall be eligible for in-state tuition who:

1. Has resided with his parent, guardian, or other person standing in loco parentis while attending a public or private high school in this state;

2. Has graduated from a public or private high school in Virginia;

3. Has resided in the Commonwealth for at least three years as of the date the individual graduated from high school;

4. Has registered as an entering student in an institution of higher education;

5. Has provided an affidavit to the institution stating that he has filed an application to become a permanent resident of the United States and is actively pursuing such permanent residency or will do so as soon as he is eligible; and

6. Has submitted evidence that he, or in the case of a dependent student, at least one parent, guardian, or person standing in loco parentis, has filed, unless exempted by state law, Virginia income tax returns for at least three years prior to the date of enrollment.

Delegate Reid's bill summary is thus:

In-state tuition for aliens. Provides that an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States, and therefore ineligible to establish domicile pursuant to § 23-7.4, shall not be eligible on the basis of residency within Virginia for any postsecondary educational benefit, including in-state tuition, unless citizens or nationals of the United States are eligible for such benefits in no less an amount, duration, and scope without regard to whether such citizens or nationals are Virginia residents. This bill incorporates H.B. 1135.

If this doesn't illustrate the 'Gulf' of philosophy between the House and the Senate, what does? That is why we need to elect Scott Sayre to the 24th seat in the VA Senate! Scott's Conservative philosophy matches with the House, which will only help Delegates Landes, Saxman and Cline.

Meanwhile, Hanger came to our SWAC breakfast a couple months ago and tried to explain away his reasoning for allowing this loophole. He stated that his bill was to allow an Iraq War Veteran, who fit this criteria to get In-State Tuition.

Now the response to this is simple. That Veteran has a myriad of college funding options provided by good Ol' Uncle Sam, as he should! Our Commonwealth also has incentives and benefits, for his service to the US and us Virginians. The problem is that a conversation with our Augusta County Sheriff, Randy Fisher will reveal that illegal aliens are trafficking methamphetamines into our region! I would care to venture that there are hundreds, if not thousands of illegal aliens doing bad things that should not be rewarded.

If some of these illegals doing bad things are eligible for In-State tuition, how proud will Hanger be of that?' His record is already more than lacking in addressing this meth trafficking anyhow, by not getting us our full complement of State Troopers to help combat this situation!

The choice she is clear, it's time for change in the 24th District!

Meanwhile, Hanger says "We're Extremists", and "Three out of four candidates agree, our taxes are too high"! Also Spark It Up asks "Emmett-Potts".


Slantin MisLeader at it again

One thing that we can count on around here in the Valley is the sun to rise in the east and the Staunton News Leader to be the most unbiased newspaper on the face of the entire planet. Check it out for yourself, today's article "Democrat Sets Sights on 24th", must have the nicest, purtiest, picture of anyone I have ever seen in a news paper short of the bridal section.

We're talking a Jimmy Carter smile,( just with less hair) is the featured photo of Will Hrovat, DEMOCRAT running for Senate.
Meanwhile in the article, Dennis Neal (Editor Extraordinaire) accomplished what he has been hoping for all the time, getting rid of Scott Sayre... Look at the Debate announcement at the end of the article:
"Hrovat becomes the first Democrat to express interest publicly in the 24th District seat. Hanger, a 12-year incumbent, faces a challenge from fellow Republican Scott Sayre and Libertarian Arin Sime.A debate between Hanger and Sime is scheduled for May 29, the same day as the Democratic caucus. "
Hello Dennis, Scott Sayre is going to be there too... Hello... ohhh, that's right, maybe we want to put an impression in the oh, so gullible public's mind, that 'Scott Sayre is Afraid to debate the issues'.
You know what I think? Dennis Neal, and the Slantin MisLeader is afraid to print the news without getting some sort of bias in there that doesn't favor Conservatives...
Look at how they started this article written by David Royer, "Sayre's Primary Challenge has some contemplating a Democratic win":

STAUNTON — Valley Republicans are caught between a rock-solid conservative and an anti-tax newcomer in the June 12 primary.
But some worry that a split primary ticket could cost the GOP a reliable seat in the Senate's 24th District this year. "I think we could lose our seat," said Libby Welsh of Staunton. "It tears our party apart when you run somebody who runs as a Republican against an incumbent."
Rock-solid Conservative? Emmett Hanger? Why not Rock-Ribbed-Reagan-Republican! and as for Sayre.. anti-tax newcomer... Look at the wording... Emmett gets an edification in the word association, while Sayre gets this, "anti" (negative), "newcomer" (amateur)
Then you get a quote that implies that the Republicans are splitting the ticket in a election. I guess that would make sense except for the fact that it's a primary, only one Republican comes out with the nomination....
oh, well, that's just good Hard-Hitting Editorial..errrr, I mean Hard-Hitting Journalism...
I just wonder if Dennis is upset that we have given 'water boy' status to someone else...
Meanwhile, the Sayre campaign rolls on, and immigration is looming large! and speaking of assistant water boy status, DJ takes 'Andy' to the Wood Shed.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Interesting new site. It produced it's first video clip. It has two characters. The two characters don't have names. Why don't we call one of them Scott. Scott looks sharp in his suit. You can pick your own name for the other guy.

They might help you understand taxes better with this clip.
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Water Boy's blog: amnesia on Hanger's illegal immigration Record

Seems Senator Hanger's Water Boy, Republitarian is now going after Harry Reid on immigration? Hey Water Boy, look in the next district over. Your Senator Hanger authored SB 1204 which creates loopholes for illegal immigrants to get in-state tuition, bumping other Virginians!

hy·poc·ri·sy (hĭ-pŏk'rĭ-sē) n., pl. -sies.
The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.
An act or instance of such falseness.
A show or expression of feelings or beliefs one does not actually hold or possess: pharisaism, phoniness, sanctimoniousness, sanctimony, tartuffery, two-facedness. See honest/dishonest.
Sanctimonious, two-faced... What dat mean?
Elle has another excellent post up on illgeal immigration.


Monday, May 21, 2007

SB 708 Emmett Gas: Put a Tax in Your Tank!

Emmett Gas is actually looking pretty cheap, We Need an Update!

Check out the details/summary in SB 708:

Funding of transportation in the Commonwealth. Provides several mechanisms for funding transportation in the Commonwealth.
The bill would provide that all moneys credited to specified transportation-related funds shall be solely used for the purposes set forth therein relating to the funding and maintenance of highways (including access roads and bikeways adjacent thereto), public transportation, congestion mitigation, railways, seaports, and airports; making payments on bonds and obligations related to funding transportation projects; or making loans to finance transportation projects.
The bill would raise new revenues for transportation by (i) imposing an additional $200 fee upon certain convictions relating to violations of Virginia's driving laws; (ii) imposing annually additional fees on any driver with a driver's record having a balance of 8 or more demerit points; (iii) increasing motor vehicle registration fees by $10 for all vehicles and doubling the gross weight registration fee for vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds; (iv) increasing current liquidated damages for violations of any weight limit imposed under law or for violations of any weight limit included in a permit that has been issued; (v) imposing additional liquidated damages of $20 for every violation of any weight limit imposed under law or any weight limit included in a permit that has been issued; (vi) increasing the state grantor's tax to 30 cents for each $100 of value with the revenues from the increase in the tax distributed to the respective locality and required to be used for local or regional transportation projects; (vii) authorizing local governments to impose a local grantor's tax at the rate of 10 cents for each $100 of value with the revenues to be used for local or regional transportation projects; (viii) increasing the motor fuels tax on diesel fuel to 17.5 cents per gallon (the current rate of the motor fuels tax on gasoline and gasohol); (ix) imposing a 5% tax on motor fuels that would be based on the statewide average retail price of a gallon of self-serve unleaded regular gasoline over rolling six-month periods and that would be imposed at a cents per gallon rate; and (x) increasing the motor vehicle sales and use tax from 3% to 3.75%, phased-in over fiscal years 2007, 2008, and 2009. The bill would also dedicate for transportation purposes all insurance license tax revenues relating to automobile insurance policies.
The bill would allow individuals to apply for a refund of any motor fuels tax paid in excess of 17.5 cents per gallon. Individuals would apply for a refund when the cumulative amount of the refund would exceed $5.

Triple the Grantors Tax, Double Registration taxes on Trucks, $10 more on all vehicles, TAX, TAX, TAX! Our Rates are still lower than New Jersey's!!! This Can not be!!! Raise em!

This bill was so ugly, that it had the insane notion that you didn't have to pay the 5% wholesale gas tax if you just simply saved your receipts and took them down to the friendly people at DMV. Seriously, that is fighting to make government more efficient? How many more people would have to be hired at DMV to dispense the reimbursements?

Potts and Chi-Ching-Chester are gone, Let's Finish the Job!


Transportation (I81)--More revenue v. Creative Solutions

It is no secret that transportaiton is a hot-button issue. The Valley experiences a high degree of frustration, because it seems as though most of the monies are sent to NOVA and Tidewater, and very little is given to address the issue of Truck Route 81. As an individual who is on 81 almost everyday, I have to say, we need help!

Those of you who drive I81 understand. There are 2 speed limits; very slow or very fast (trucks usually set the pace). I have learned trucker edicate, that's for sure. I had to, or else my fuel efficient mini-car would be run off the road (actually, that has happened twice now).

Things were looking up 2 years ago when there was discussion centering on I81. There were proposals involving rail, extra lanes, tolls, and misc. band-aid approaches. There was actually a lot of talk. Then there was more talk. Then the talk turned into chatter and the chatter turned into mumbles and we still have major issues on I81 and it seems like there is a deafening silence.

So I was curious and decided to take a look at what Hanger and Sayre were saying themselves about solutions to our I81 problems.

"There is no question, based on current policy; that we do not have adequate revenue coming into the Transportation Trust Fund to pay for existing needs.".

Editors note: Senator Hanger wasn't kidding. In 2006, he voted for SB 708 twice, which based on FY 2007 projections, would have added $114 million for mass transit, $662 million for highway contruction and $210 million for local and regional projects. This money cwould have come from several sources including an increase in motor vehicle tax, increase in gas tax, increase in vehicle registration fees and increase in auto insurance tax to name just a few. Thankfully the bill died in the House.

Hanger continues

"I do not support the impact fees that were authorized, but some of the growth management tools may prove helpful. The biggest shortcoming of the funding package, in my opinion was that it relies totally on taxes and fees that are paid by just Virginians and do not extend to the out-of-state motorists and truckers that use our highways."

Editors note: Once again, more talk about "funding". And, Hanger's statement is contradictory to his previously noted votes, both in committee and on the floor, on SB 708.

Next Hanger says:

"We recently created a Transportation Accountability Commission, to provide some additional oversight from the legislature on the implementation of transportation policy. I have been appointed to serve on this Commission."

In summation, from what I gather, Hanger's solution is to raise more money and sit on a commission to discuss policy.

What does Sayre have to say? On his website he states:

It's time for us to prioritize state spending on core functions of government: public safety, education, and transportation...What we have found thus far is the need to fund and build climbing lanes on several stretches of I-81 in the 24th District. Here are some simple solutions:

1. Enact a Constitutional Amendment to Protect the Transportation Trust
Fund. The Trust Fund has been repeatedly raided to fund non-transportation

2. Reform VDOT so that it is responsive to the needs of the people. Have
you ever sat at a red light waiting for it to turn green - and worse there was
no one else in the intersection - just there alone wasting time and fuel?

3. Allow for more citizen involvement in the process and expand public
private partnership initiatives to ensure even greater private involvement in
road building, maintenance and construction.

4. Educate our drivers to Drive in the right lane and Pass in the left

The stark difference between Hanger and Sayre is obvious. Hanger, having been in Richmond for many years, sees the fix as an obvious increase in revenue sources. Sayre, a businessman, seeks a four-fold solution which includes driver education and an amendment to lock up transportation funding. The dollars are already out there--we have a huge surplus. Let's use the money that exists.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hanger Blurring Party Lines in Augusta?

An interesting conversation occurred in the comments thread of the post "Are Breeden's, Pyles Hands Tied?". I felt that the conversation regarding Pyles and Hanger should be explored a bit further .

According to sources in Augusta County, Democrat board of supervisors member Tracy Pyles was going to run unchallenged. Some GOP party members and elected officials were reasonably satisfied with Pyles work and did not see if necessary to challenge him.

However, Pyles made the fateful decision to enter into Republican politics (which seems to be a violation of the state democratic party plan). He united with other elected officials and endorsed Senator Emmett Hanger for the 24th Senate Republican primary. This begs the question, why would a democrat get involved with, and endorse, a Republican candidate? What was the agreement made between Hanger and Pyles?

The problem is, this altruistic gesture has come back to bite him (for lack of a better term). The Augusta County Republican Committee has lined up a candidate and now Mr. Pyles has competition.

This leads us to pose the next (series of) question(s)--what will Emmett Hanger do? After all, he solicited the endorsement of Supervisor Pyles. Will he return the favor and endorse Pyles? If he does this, he breaks with the party and endorses a Democrat over a Republican (wonder how that will play out in the polls).

If he endorses the Republican candidate, then is he disloyal to Tracy Pyles. And remember, it was Hanger who got Pyles into this mess in the first place.

On the flip side, what will Pyles do now that there is a Democrat candidate (William Hrovat) in the race? What will Tom Long and the Augusta County Democrat party do with this apparent renegade? And, who will Pyles endorse? There appears to be a division amongst dems in Augusta County, with Pyles supporting a Republican and Long working with the Democrat.
Hold on to your seats folks, this is going to be one wild ride.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Valley Children’s Center
and Patrick James had an event to help support the Valley Children's Center at the Staunton Auto Group. They had an old fashioned pig roast. MmmMmmGood. Peck's BBQ provided the sides.
The Valley Children’s Center is a non-profit agency designed to reduce the trauma and advance the recovery of abused and neglected children. The Center provides a comfortable, private, child-friendly setting where abused and neglected children can be interviewed by a trained Forensic Interviewer in partnership with Law Enforcement and Child Protective Services. These interviews are recorded for use by the Commonwealth’s Attorney to enhance the investigation of abuse allegations.
The Center also offers the following services:
crisis intervention counseling to the victim, non-offending caregivers and siblings.
-A SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) program for medical evaluations of victims to be performed locally at Augusta Medical Center.
-Programs to enhance our community’s understanding of child abuse and neglect through public awareness campaigns and educational components in local schools.
You can check their web site here.
They need your donations.
*Valley Children’s Center is a 501(c)3 organization and gifts to the VCC are eligible for a charitable contribution tax deduction.
Money is great but you can also donate items.
New or Gently Used Children’s Books
New or Gently Used Toys
Juice Boxes
Individually wrapped snacks
Coloring Books
Board Games for All Ages
Hand-Held Games (Able to turn off sound)
Diapers (All sizes)
Baby Wipes
New or Gently Used Children's Clothes (All Sizes)
Copy Paper
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Blank DVD-RDVD Sleeves
Finger Paint
Art Supplies
A Changing Table
A Digital Camera
PLEASE Contact them at:
Valley Children’s Center
1215-A Greenville Avenue
Staunton, VA 24401
(540) 213-0592
See my web page here
See Delegate Saxman's here

Nice try, Andy

Andy Clem has decided the Republican Party can washout low-tax folks like us. He came up with this revelation upon reading this section in the party creed: "That fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government" (RPV).

Andy then waxes philosophical (emphasis in original):
Fiscal responsibility -- i.e., making sure you've got enough money to pay the bills -- does not mean cutting taxes, the fad which Scott Sayre and many on the Right espouse these days. Indeed, it could be construed as justifying tax increases when necessary.
It all sounds perfectly reasonable; doesn't it? Unfortunately for Andy, he forgot (or ignored) the other part of the creed plank: budgetary restraints. That means holding the line on spending and cutting unnecessary waste. Now, it does not include stopping the government from doing things it should not do. That is covered in the first plank of the Virginia Republican Creed: "That the free enterprise system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice." In other words, the less that government does, the better.

Of course, Andy's real target in all this is our buddy Chris Green, who mistakenly believed low taxes were written by name into the platform. Chris may have had his syntax wrong, but it is abundantly clear upon reading the entire creed in context that its thrust is limited government, minimal spending, and lower taxes.

Chris didn't remember the exact words of the VRC. Andy twisted the creed to claim it says something it doesn't. I'll take the honest mistake over the intellectually dishonest half-truth any day.

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Are Breeden's, Pyles hands tied?

The 24th District Senate race is heating up. In Rockingham County, Mr. William Hrovat of Churchville, announced last night his intention to seek the Democratic nomination. According to the Daily News Record, Hrovat is a retired power plant operator for Dominion Power.

The addition of Mr. Hrovat, adds more spark into an already tense race. As has been widely reported, the Republican primary took an interesting turn in April, when Emmett Hanger sought the endorsements of local elected officials. We are all aware of the comments made by Hanger at that event which prompted the endorsements of grassroots party leaders for Scott Sayre.

However just when the dust began to settle, a Democrat enters the race. The obvious question people are asking is, which Republican do the Democrats have a better shot of winning against?

I think that Jeff Mellott with the Daily News Record raises an even more interesting question--who will Rockingham Democratic Board of Supervisor Mike Breeden ultimately endorse? Back in April, Breeden had stood side by side with his fellow supervisors in their endorsement of Senator Emmett Hanger.

Breeden is not the only Democratic elected official caught in this bind. As SWAC Girl discusses on her blog, Augusta County Board of Supervisor Tracy Pyles has endorsed Hanger as well.

Will Breeden and Pyles break with their party and continue to stand by Hanger, or will they rescind their endorsement and walk lock step with their party faithful?


See the story at SWACgirl


New Plates are HOT ! ! !

Not Really ...

You have to check out these plates.
What a collectors item. The Dems will line up for them.
Click here.
See my web page here

Friday, May 18, 2007

Hrovat: Reduce the Tax Burden!

According to this Daily News article even the Democrat William Hrovat coming forward to challenge the winner of the Scott Sayre vs. Sen. Emmett Hanger has this to say about taxes:

Candidate for Change
Hrovat told nearly 30 Democrats that he is running for change. What is needed, he said, is a candidate who understands the problems of working people. “It’s a real tragedy,” he said, of their burden.Hrovat, a power-plant operator for Dominion Power for 25 years, said he would like to seek ways to reduce the tax burden.“Government has done very little in the past 25 years for the working people,” he said.

Even the Democrats know that Sen. Emmett Hanger has raised taxes too much, and it's hilarious that even the Dems know Emmett is vulnerable on his consistent voting record of raising taxes.

Obviously, there are three candidates that agree on the tax issue. Scott Sayre, Arin Sime, and now William Hrovat. When will Senator Hanger admit that he is just 'Out of Touch' with the people of the 24th district. If this were not the case, how come three out of four candidates agree on the issue?


Roscoe Reynolds Welcome Home Party

Roscoe fiddles while the jobs burn away in Martinsville.


How do the candidates "sell" themselves?

Seeing as how the 24th District is holding a Republican primary, with Republican candidates, it is a fairly safe bet that each contender does not differ drastically. That having been said, we are looking at two distinct individuals, with separate backgrounds, experiences and influences which they bring to the table. I wanted to take a look at each candidate to draw a comparison.

I visited their websites to see how each candidate was representing themselves. During my days as a webmaster, we used to say that the Homepage was the most important piece of real estate. This was where you predominantly "sold" your message. If you could capture the reader's attention, then they would delve in for more. I wanted to see and compare how these two gentlemen sold themselves.

Senator Hanger begins pleasantly enough, thanking supporters for the honor of representing them. He is courteous and polite for 2 paragraphs and then he says:
"As a member of the leadership of the Senate, my primary focus is to work for the best interests of the almost 200,000 citizens I am entrusted to represent, not necessarily the sometimes narrow viewpoint of any particular so called “conservative” group or local Republican unit that may be controlled by outsiders or special interest groups that may have an agenda that is not appropriate for our area."
He follows this vitriolic rant with the following:

"There are people out there that apparently think that politics gives you a license to misrepresent the truth (some people call that lying); and there are people that are so mean-spirited and partisan that it reflects poorly on them and all of us that engage in the process."
After those brief, but not so subtle attacks, Hanger proceeds back to pleasantries for the duration.

Scott Sayre welcomes voters to his site, with a brief autobiography as an introductory to the elements that have shaped and molded him. He tells voters what is important to him and then he says:
"I’m looking forward to working for the people of the 24th District in the State Senate. With your support, I will bring my values – and the values of our district – with me.

I’m asking for your prayers, hard work, support – but most importantly – your vote.I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.Thank you and God Bless."
When Sayre announced he was running, he pledged to run a positive campaign. It is obvious that he is honoring that pledge. I looked for a negative attack, a subtle jibe, even an off-colour joke, but could find none.

In the grand scheme of things, I have not been involved in politics for an abundantly long period of time. However, I have worked with enough campaigns to know that when a candidate begins to negatively attack, it is because they either 1) have not honed their message or 2) have no message to present. In regards to message, Conservative Viewpoints has an excellent post.

I would sincerely encourage Mr. Hanger to reconsider his opening page. Negative campaigning is the sign of a desperate candidate and it does not play favourably with the voters.

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Pathetic, Weak RINO Response on Basic Econ

Take a look at my question below and RINO Senator Hanger's pathetic, weak response below that.

My Question on the open thread on Republitarian:

Presidents Kennedy, Reagan and Bush 43 knew that cutting taxes creates jobs, wealth and increases government revenues.

The Commonwealth had more than a 7% INCREASE in revenue in the Fall of 2003. Yet you raised taxes for the largest increase in Virginia history with a regressive tax that punishes the poor and people on a fixed income.

What do you know about economic laws that is different from Kennedy-Reagan-Bush? Where did you learn that difference?

If you don’t know a different economic law, then why did you reject their wisdom and vote like an economics science-challenged Democrat?

Senator Emmett Hangar’s non-answe:

That is a hard one to answer, because the question is based on several pieces of erroneous information. Please refer to my website, for detail on what “tax reform” was about. “Largest tax increase in Virginia history” is a sound bite with no basis in reality. While I support President Bush on a lot of things, his economic and fiscal policy stinks. We have racked up over $1.6 trillion in new debt in 6 years. I don’t call that fiscally conservative at all. Virginia is in strong financial position, our economy is thriving, our quality of life is second to none, our relative tax burden is low and I am pleased that I have played a role in keeping our budget balanced and meeting our commitments to local governments. We can do better, but we are a leader in this nation again. That is a very good thing!

What was the erroneous info? The largest tax hike in history? The fact that revenue was increasing when they raised taxes? Basic economics?

C'mon, name what is erroneous.

So, you are AGAINST the Bush tax cuts and the booming economy.

The debt, which is receding and is an increasingly smaller per cent of GDP, is caused by spending - not tax cuts!

Where did this guy learn economics? From Geroge Soros or Stalin?

Hanger vs Sayre - Doers vs Talkers

The Conservative Voice supplied me with a path to some good info on the Emmett Hanger vs Scott Sayre republican primary in Virginia's 24th district. Jamie's post Does Senator Hanger deserve re-election strictly based on seniority? brings up a good question. Should Hanger get a bye for his support of a $1.4 billion dollar tax increase? He voted for a transportation plan that raises taxes on his district, yet helps the said district in no way. Hanger also wanted a increased gas tax? Damn, could you feel the effect of that about now? This is a issue that just makes me sick – Hanger supports In State Tuition for illegal immigrants. That makes me chew the cap off my C.A.O. Italia. I cant afford that! Scott Sayre said this at a recent meeting.

I just don’t think it’s right to take my son or daughter’s college slot away and give it to an illegal immigrant - and even more than that, give it to somebody at in-state tuition rates. It’s not going to happen on my watch. I’ve seen two bills in the last two years presented, and that’s just not going to pass when I’m elected as your senator”

The article then sends you to this-Hanger, Sayre speak to splintered Staunton Republicans by Steven Winslow. Mr Winslow attended the meeting and describes the event is good detail. Sayre gave a great speech showing his vision for the district and state while Hanger points out I have seniority. He reports that “Sayre, who was forced endure what could only be described as uncomfortable and unfortunate behavior exhibited by a small but vocal group of Hanger supporters at the gathering.” (That is easy to believe. Just look at the bloggers who are supporting Hanger and their own behavior) Seniority at what Sen Hanger? Voting for things that hurt your constituents, your district, and our state? Winslow's conclusion is worth quoting here:

While Emmitt Hanger settles into a campaign he considers a story of experience and seniority, Sayre chooses to address his plans to find solutions to issues like taxes, transportation, and immigration, based on his experience as a successful entrepreneur who started a business out of his garage and turned it into Sayre Enterprises. Both are successful men, but their presentations create stark contrasts in what they believe are the important elements in choosing the next Senator representing the 24th district.”

Indeed. The SWAC crowd has taken some heat for supporting Sayre. There have been so called Latarians, Whackjobs, and Garstangs complaining. Who are they to attack a group of people who are fed up with Hanger? The SWAC'ers are working hard and documenting that hard work on their blogs while the Hanger crowd attacks them via keyboard. A plain case of the 'Doers vs the Talkers”...The legislation Hanger has supported speaks for itself and I cant blame them for wanting a change. Yes it is time for a change. Mr Winslow has another write up about Scott Sayre here.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Now that there's a Democrat in the race

According to the New Dominion (h/t Now at the Podium), the Democrats have an (unnamed) candidate to run in the general election for the 24th State Senate seat. It's been at least two and a half hours since then, and surprisingly, I have yet to see a Hanger supporter seize upon this as "proof" that only their man can win the general election. Still, we all know they'll get around to that line of argument eventually, so allow me to debunk it now.

The fact is, this will be a three-way race in November; the candidates will be Libertarian Arin Sime, the unnamed Democrat, and either Hanger or Sayre. Conventional wisdom holds that Hanger, as the moderate, will be better positioned in the general election. The trouble is, Hanger and Sayre only disagree on one major issue - taxes. Thus, the only voters Hanger can gain in a general election that Sayre cannot are "big-government conservatives," i.e., folks who tack right on social issues but are OK with tax hikes of the Warner and Chichester variety. The problem for Hanger is that there aren't many of those voters left, far fewer than the anti-tax voters who will leave him in droves for the self-described pro-life libertarian Arin Sime, who will be in prime position to attack Hanger from the right.

In other words, Sime and Hanger will battle for the support of the conservative majority in the 24th, leaving the Democrat to have the liberal minority entirely to himself (or herself), and putting said Democrat in position to "sneak up the middle" if Sime can take enough votes away from Hanger.

Sayre, by contrast, will be able to hold those voters with him. Sime will have to oppose Sayre from the left, in which case he and the Democrat will be fishing in the same pond. So in a general election, Sime and the Democrat will battle for the liberal minority while Sayre has the conservative majority all to himself, and as such, he (Sayre) will cruise to victory.

Hanger will have no such luck in a general election. The nature of the district and the state of the race make him the weaker general election nominee compared to Sayre, not the stronger one.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Refreshing prospect...


One of the main attributes that Scott Sayre brings to this campaign is his history and knowledge of creating, developing, and improving a successful business from it’s inception to where it is now.

I find the prospects of incorporating successful business practices into our state government refreshing and well worth looking into. IBD (Investors Business Daily) has a very good article on how Americans donate and provide more than $2 billion in food aid each year to poor countries, but at times the government is inefficient in its efforts.

“The U.S. is the world's largest food donor, handing out 4 million metric tons, or more than half the world's total. Whenever and wherever there's famine, we help. But as a new Government Accountability Office report shows, we don't do it very efficiently.”

“Fully 65% of our food aid budget goes to overhead, leaving just 35% to directly help the poor in famine areas. Even the United Nations looks efficient by comparison; it manages to squander "only" 50% of its own food budget on overhead.”

“Private organizations like Save the Children spend less than 10% on overhead. Congress could write checks to such groups with effective results. If it can't do that, it can at least learn from them.” Feasting On Famine By INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY Posted Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Private organizations may not be able to handle the high volume of aid that the United States provides to other countries, but this shows that government can learn and incorporate private business practices to improve efficiency.

Somebody taking what they learned about efficiency in the private business world to Richmond with them and looking out for the Virginia taxpayer.

Now that is a refreshing idea…

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Run, Fred, Run

Here are Fred's views on the issues. Click here

Want to help Fred? Here is one plece. Draft Fred Thompson '08
Another link is Fred '08
An interesting link of Thompson to Ronald Reagan
For his honest assessmentof the Cuban activities of our buddy Michael Moore, Click HERE

Hanger Supporters: You Stole Our Locations!

Seems we are getting reports that the Hanger camp is finding premium sign locations, 'Slim Pickens'.... It seems they are mumbling that, "We are Stealing 'their' Locations'. The following are a couple notes from the 'Thankless, Insignificant's':

  1. We the GrassRoots have been the ones cultivating and putting up those locations for the past four years!
  2. Literally, dozens of new strategic sign locations have been called in by business leaders and individuals who want 'CHANGE', in the 24th District!
  3. We have literally been going full bore on the sign campaign since March.
SWACGIRL reports that a certain Northern Augusta County district is requesting a lot of signs, wanna guess which district that is? Big Hint, it's the district that knows Senator Hanger the best.
This sample is at the corner of Rt 42 & 809.