Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sayre's Military Experience

Scott Sayre's military prowess is great and very evident. The people of Heidelberg, Germany are sure to be indebted to his presence in their city.

In Heidelberg, First Lieutenant Scott Sayre had under his command 272 soldiers. Serving as security platoon leader in his combat support company, he also found himself taking on the positions of a unit field officer and voting officer.

In the peaceful moments at base, when the eminent threat of a terrorist attack was not looming on the horizon, it was Sayre's job to see that all the soldier's pay was dispersed correctly. This was a major boost to the soldier's morale and welfare in the unit. Sayre also orchestrated brining American Christmas's to Germany for the troops--organizing Christmas Parties for his men. In an effort to bring in more capital to his unit, he installed video games in the NCO Lounge in Patton Barracks...converting it to a leisure room with couches. The money that was spent on these games generated much income and that money went directly back into the company's fund.

But all was not peaceful...terrorists were out there to be sure. And Scott Sayre's band of men at Heidelberg defended their post, base, and city with frightening voraciousness. And perhaps that is why that under 1LT. Sayre's command, THERE WERE NO TERRORIST ACTIVITIES SUCCESSFULLY CARRIED OUT. That is because Sayre is a military man. He knew now and then the value of true leadership and what a true military tactician should be. His men served as the elite guards of the US-European War Room in Campbell Barracks. Here were some of the allies most confidential, sensitive, and encrypted correspondences and orders. At any time, one could find the room buzzing with officers from many different branches and usually 4 and 3 star generals. For these men, in addition to guarding the room itself, Sayre and his men served as these general's personal bodyguards.

(1LT. Sayre, 1st Row, Second from Right)

In 1981, at the height of terrorism in this area, Sayre's men were guarding General Frederick Kroesen (Commander in Chief of United States Army Europe and Commander of NATO’s Central Army Group) and his wife who were in Heidelberg at that time. Terrorists, probably Belgians, attack his limousine with rocket propelled grenades and gunfire. The surprise terrorist attack failed, due to the quick action and defense of Sayre's men and the fact that the General's Mercedes limo was armour plated and bulletproof. Aside from that close incident, the only remotely close act of terrorism on Sayre's watch occurred when a man was caught with a .22 while spying in on Sayre's officer's club. The man was captured, and then released. Sayre tried to reward the MP who caught the man but was instructed not too. Why? Again, because of the military prowess of Sayre and his men, their discovery of this one man and his release, led them back to his safe house, broke down the entire command structure of the Red Army Faction and took it's leader, Christian Clare--commander of Bader Meinhof--into military custody.

So revered and praised for his devotion to his men and duty to the cause of freedom and democracy, 1LT. Scott Sayre's tour was extended and he led his men on for another 4 months.

needs true leadership. We need a leader who will run his Senate seat effectively and purposefully. We need a leader whom his followers can trust. Scott Sayre is that leader. He has proven himself worthy--not only in the business world--but in a country whose world was at war.

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