Friday, May 25, 2007

Sayre's Military Legacy

(Lt. Sayre, Second from the right)
Scott Sayre is a military man. I’m sure that if he wasn’t married to Mary, he’d still be wed to the armed forces. Not only was he hitting the front lines himself, combating the evils of terrorism, his lineage is one of a true, patriotic, fighting-for-liberty ancestry.

The most notable of which was Francis Bowes Sayre—a cousin to Scott Sayre—he has the distinction of being the son-in-law to President Woodrow Wilson. Francis Bowes Sayre began his tenure in the government by serving (beginning in 1923) as the Foreign Advisor to the King of Siam. As most of you should know, that was during the push of western imperialism into 3rd world countries…and with that came unjust tariffs and laws. It was Sayre who befriended the King and soon got countries like England, France, Great Britain Portugal, and Spain to get these unjust treaties revoked.

After serving as a distinguished professor at Harvard Law School he was commissioned FDR to be the High Commissioner of the Philippines in 1939. While there, during the attack and bombardment of Corregidor, he waited out the storm of bombs in the bunker with General Douglas MacArthur. Later, in 1942, fearing capture, he was able to escape at the last moment under the cover of night by submarine.

Later on his life, Francis Bowes Sayre became a Christian missionary in the less-than-friendly regions of Japan.

It looks as though the military and spiritual legacy of Francis Bowes Sayre has run through the family tree and has touched Scott, so many years later. If what the United States experienced when Sayre defended it, is anything like what the leadership of Scott Sayre has to offer Virginia, there should not be a shadow of a doubt—Scott Sayre is the right man for the job.

A look at the military life of Scott Sayre will follow this post…

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