Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hanger Blurring Party Lines in Augusta?

An interesting conversation occurred in the comments thread of the post "Are Breeden's, Pyles Hands Tied?". I felt that the conversation regarding Pyles and Hanger should be explored a bit further .

According to sources in Augusta County, Democrat board of supervisors member Tracy Pyles was going to run unchallenged. Some GOP party members and elected officials were reasonably satisfied with Pyles work and did not see if necessary to challenge him.

However, Pyles made the fateful decision to enter into Republican politics (which seems to be a violation of the state democratic party plan). He united with other elected officials and endorsed Senator Emmett Hanger for the 24th Senate Republican primary. This begs the question, why would a democrat get involved with, and endorse, a Republican candidate? What was the agreement made between Hanger and Pyles?

The problem is, this altruistic gesture has come back to bite him (for lack of a better term). The Augusta County Republican Committee has lined up a candidate and now Mr. Pyles has competition.

This leads us to pose the next (series of) question(s)--what will Emmett Hanger do? After all, he solicited the endorsement of Supervisor Pyles. Will he return the favor and endorse Pyles? If he does this, he breaks with the party and endorses a Democrat over a Republican (wonder how that will play out in the polls).

If he endorses the Republican candidate, then is he disloyal to Tracy Pyles. And remember, it was Hanger who got Pyles into this mess in the first place.

On the flip side, what will Pyles do now that there is a Democrat candidate (William Hrovat) in the race? What will Tom Long and the Augusta County Democrat party do with this apparent renegade? And, who will Pyles endorse? There appears to be a division amongst dems in Augusta County, with Pyles supporting a Republican and Long working with the Democrat.
Hold on to your seats folks, this is going to be one wild ride.



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