Friday, May 18, 2007

Hanger vs Sayre - Doers vs Talkers

The Conservative Voice supplied me with a path to some good info on the Emmett Hanger vs Scott Sayre republican primary in Virginia's 24th district. Jamie's post Does Senator Hanger deserve re-election strictly based on seniority? brings up a good question. Should Hanger get a bye for his support of a $1.4 billion dollar tax increase? He voted for a transportation plan that raises taxes on his district, yet helps the said district in no way. Hanger also wanted a increased gas tax? Damn, could you feel the effect of that about now? This is a issue that just makes me sick – Hanger supports In State Tuition for illegal immigrants. That makes me chew the cap off my C.A.O. Italia. I cant afford that! Scott Sayre said this at a recent meeting.

I just don’t think it’s right to take my son or daughter’s college slot away and give it to an illegal immigrant - and even more than that, give it to somebody at in-state tuition rates. It’s not going to happen on my watch. I’ve seen two bills in the last two years presented, and that’s just not going to pass when I’m elected as your senator”

The article then sends you to this-Hanger, Sayre speak to splintered Staunton Republicans by Steven Winslow. Mr Winslow attended the meeting and describes the event is good detail. Sayre gave a great speech showing his vision for the district and state while Hanger points out I have seniority. He reports that “Sayre, who was forced endure what could only be described as uncomfortable and unfortunate behavior exhibited by a small but vocal group of Hanger supporters at the gathering.” (That is easy to believe. Just look at the bloggers who are supporting Hanger and their own behavior) Seniority at what Sen Hanger? Voting for things that hurt your constituents, your district, and our state? Winslow's conclusion is worth quoting here:

While Emmitt Hanger settles into a campaign he considers a story of experience and seniority, Sayre chooses to address his plans to find solutions to issues like taxes, transportation, and immigration, based on his experience as a successful entrepreneur who started a business out of his garage and turned it into Sayre Enterprises. Both are successful men, but their presentations create stark contrasts in what they believe are the important elements in choosing the next Senator representing the 24th district.”

Indeed. The SWAC crowd has taken some heat for supporting Sayre. There have been so called Latarians, Whackjobs, and Garstangs complaining. Who are they to attack a group of people who are fed up with Hanger? The SWAC'ers are working hard and documenting that hard work on their blogs while the Hanger crowd attacks them via keyboard. A plain case of the 'Doers vs the Talkers”...The legislation Hanger has supported speaks for itself and I cant blame them for wanting a change. Yes it is time for a change. Mr Winslow has another write up about Scott Sayre here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems the whackees, are not bashing sayre, but more just enjoying any way to bash swac...

May 18, 2007 at 2:07 PM  

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