Sunday, May 13, 2007

Alton Gives Roscoe an 'F' on School Plan

I'm Not Emeril takes a critical view of the inevitable tax increases to come with Sen. Roscoe Reynolds 'Fully Funded School Plan', or whatever they plan to call it. An excerpt:

"The numbers are all over the place. Of course, anyone would expect local school districts to differ quite a bit on a per pupil basis when determining their budget. A school board puts together a budget, just like any other local agency, which is then approved or adjusted by the Board of Supervisors or City Council. Some counties can afford more per student than others, for example Arlington County spends $15,104 per pupil from local revenues and Buchanan County finds it can afford only $2,633 dollars of local revenue to spend on each student. That's logical and to be expected. Arlington County is a much more expensive place to live than Hurley, so the cost of operating Wakefield High School will be much higher than those associated with the operation of Hurley High School."

$15,000 per pupil? No wonder the VEA doesn't want Chris Saxman's School Choice Bill, some localities are already spending what you would think is the equivalent of Private School tuition.


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