Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Shenandoah Electric Shills for Emmett?

The new issues of Shen Valley Electric magazine came this week, and low and behold but Sen. Emmett Hanger is Profiled on pages 64 & 65 in the print, & seen here on The Responsible Republican. Emmett's got him a big ol' Glossy photo of him in front of a log cabin with a guitar in his hands. Good Ol' Boy Emmett...

Looks like he got the Good Ol' Boy treatment in this article by editor Bill Sherrod, who aptly entitles the piece, "Hanger's Tune, Valley legislator picks public service over politics". A curious title itself since as the article states Hanger has been in politics for nearly 30 years. It begs the question was this article driven by politics as its published a little more than 30 days before the June 12th Republican Primary where is being challenged Scott Sayre for Emmett's Senate Seat.

Furthermore, the article is literally 'Emmett's Tune". It follows his life and career path, and let's us in on the little known fact Emmett's hoping to release a CD of his songs, and discretely mentions he's a member of the Shen Valley Co-op, you know, 'one of us'. Then we basically hear that his overriding concern is government efficiency, and he is interested in preserving farmland, as the article notes he established a farm-land preservation task force, and interestingly sponsored the original legislation to repeal the VA Estate Tax.

That fact really catches my eye, because Emmett declared himself a 'Teddy Roosevelt Republican', just last week, who championed the Estate Tax! Here are Teddy's views:

In addition to these there is every reason why, when next our system of
taxation is revised, the National Government should impose a graduated
inheritance tax, and, if possible, a graduated income tax.
The man of
great wealth owes a peculiar obligation to the State, because he derives special
advantages from the mere existence of government.

Teddy's foreign policy was much better, regardless, it is curious he'd identify himself with a Republican who championed the current abomination known as the Graduated Income Tax, administered by our friends at the IRS!

The rest of the article literally lays out his defense of his tax increase strategy, with the 'oft heard' on the campaign trail, "The purpose of tax reform is to emphasize sales tax and income tax and take the burden off of real estate tax", mantra straight from the Hanger camp. The article then goes on to claim, what the Hanger Campaign asserts, "The net result of this for the people I represent has been a tax decrease, rather than a tax increase", end quote.

Following that is literally Emmett's Govt. resume, and apparently a hand picked quote from Hanger, "So far, my style seems to have resonated with the people I represent," Hanger says. "Its really just a matter of making friends and establishing relationships", end quote.

Apparently, one of those 'relationships' is with Shenandoah Valley Co-operative who in effect have just sent out a 2 page color campaign ad with a circulation of over 378,878 copies throughout the Shenandoah Valley, and beyond! Is this going to be listed as an in kind donation to his campaign? With a June issue yet to be published, fairness would dictate that the Scott Sayre story also be published so we can get to know Scott also?

The timing of this article stinks, and can hardly be considered news, since it fails to even mention that Emmett is facing a primary. It is billed as a 'Profile' piece.... I don't know what kind of rules Shen Valley Electric operates under, but they surely answer to their stockholders, who I assume are ultimately their customers. Didn't see Shen Electric listed in the News Leader run down of contributors, but I would think they should be on the June 3rd, report. What would be their argument that they shouldn't? Then again if they were listed it would get up to three contributors for that quarter from the 24th district.

I bet Emmett's reaction to this is just a big "Oh Shucks, now how could that happen?"


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