Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The New Dominion: We're "Mean & Nasty"

Emmett Gas Mean & Nasty? That is what Chris Graham says here:

"Respect is one of those mythical two-way streets - and Bloggers4Sayre has been doing its own share of the driving down the nasty side in recent weeks, with Photoshopped representations of Exxon gas-price signs with an “Emmett Gas” price sign to raise an issue with a proposal from Hanger to raise taxes on the purchase of gasoline to provide money for transportation improvements statewide and a representation of Hanger behind a radio microphone with a script in front of him reading “Fiction Radio” to draw attention to recent radio spots from the Hanger campaign critical of Sayre’s support from national antitax and antigovernment groups among the highlights."

How is a graphic that simply points out to the electorate that Sen Hanger voted to place a 5% tax on the wholesale price of gasoline mean & nasty? My question to the MSM is this, have you informed the public of this? Why is it that if we point it out we are mean and nasty?

OK, how about this 'Mean & Nasty' graphic highlighting the fact that on Senator Emmett Hanger 12 year 'watch' as our Senator Augusta County has been authorized 19 VA State Troopers, and the state has only funded 14? Where has the MSM, and/or the New Dominion been to cover that issue, say also over the past years.

Our area is a major conduit along I-81 & I-64 for metamphetamine traffic, and Senator Hanger has done nothing about it. In FY2006 our Commonwealth had a $900+ million dollar surplus, followed by a $623 million dollar surplus for 2007 (past session), and it roughly costs $100,000 per year per trooper. A senator is a powerful man, and if he wanted to get just one trooper per year budgeted in, and made it his priority to do so it can be done.

Sorry folks, Senator Hanger has been AWOL on the issue of Public Safety in addressing the metaphetamine trafficking in our area, just as he was AWOL last night at the Central Shenandoah Lodge FOP Meeting, after of course saying he would attend. Senator Hanger as of today, (and I pointed this out in the podcast) has not responded to my question of him on this same subject posed during Republitarians Q&A post, (4/30/7)and it is still not up, after Republitarians follow on post "Emmett's Been Busy" (5/3/7).

No story there? This reminds me of Leslie Nielsen's movie the "Naked Gun" or was it 'Police Squad'? Nielsen plays a police officer standing in front of an exploding fireworks factory, telling the crowd, "Ok, move along now, nothing to see here" , while a fireworks show is going off behind him.


Blogger SWAC Girl said...

So presenting FACTS is now considered "mean and nasty" by Chris Graham? Oh, brother. Talk about trying to shut down debate.... Are we supposed to sit meekly on the sidelines and let the MSM including Graham build up Sen. Hanger while ignoring his shortfalls?

A gas sign comparing current gas prices next to Hanger's proposed gas price is "mean and nasty"??? Shouldn't Graham be asking about that proposed gas tax for his readers???

What is going on here? There have been complaints for years about Hanger not answering to his voters, not responding to constituents, and being part of the stonewalling in the Senate.

Where is the media to ask questions? They don't even want to report that almost the entire grassroots leadership in the 24th District is behind Scott Sayre, something that has never happened in this area before. Never!

Instead, the local media want to whine because we are using FACTS to campaign against the incumbent.

Puh-leeze. This is democracy in the works, folks. The grassroots rose up against the incumbent ... and the media seem to be protecting the incumbent.


May 8, 2007 at 1:39 PM  

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