Friday, May 18, 2007

Hrovat: Reduce the Tax Burden!

According to this Daily News article even the Democrat William Hrovat coming forward to challenge the winner of the Scott Sayre vs. Sen. Emmett Hanger has this to say about taxes:

Candidate for Change
Hrovat told nearly 30 Democrats that he is running for change. What is needed, he said, is a candidate who understands the problems of working people. “It’s a real tragedy,” he said, of their burden.Hrovat, a power-plant operator for Dominion Power for 25 years, said he would like to seek ways to reduce the tax burden.“Government has done very little in the past 25 years for the working people,” he said.

Even the Democrats know that Sen. Emmett Hanger has raised taxes too much, and it's hilarious that even the Dems know Emmett is vulnerable on his consistent voting record of raising taxes.

Obviously, there are three candidates that agree on the tax issue. Scott Sayre, Arin Sime, and now William Hrovat. When will Senator Hanger admit that he is just 'Out of Touch' with the people of the 24th district. If this were not the case, how come three out of four candidates agree on the issue?



Blogger Yankee Philip said...

3 out of 4 candidates agree. Taxes are the problem. Guess who doesn't?

May 20, 2007 at 12:14 AM  

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