Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dem echos call for lower taxes

Will Hrovat is a Democrat seeking his party's nomination in the 24th Senate District. Not too much has surfaced regarding Hrovat's platform, but one message that he has reiiterated is tax reform. In today's News Leader, David Royer reports, "If elected, he said, he would work for a middle-class tax cut."

I'm not sure what I am more suprised about, the fact that a Democrat is advocating lower taxes, or the fact that all three of Emmett Hanger's opponents are advocating lower taxes.

Republican challenger Scott Sayre writes:

I believe it's time we send a message to the career politicians in Richmond that enough is enough - that Virginia citizens have had enough of higher taxes and spiraling government spending. Those who say higher taxes are the only answer are just plain wrong.

Libertarian Arin Sime echos Sayre saying:
"As a small business owner, Arin sees first-hand how heavy taxation burdens everyday people and Virginia’s economy. Many in Richmond, especially in the State Senate, apparently believe that the state must take even more of your money to fund their pet projects. Arin knows the state has already taken more than enough money to fund core responsibilities of government; what the politicians and bureaucrats in Richmond really need is fiscal restraint and respect for your rights."

Senator Hanger has labled low tax advocates as "extremists". Then, in defense of his position
said, "taxes are part of a civilized society, and must be looked at based on how equitable they are and what services they fund."

He further states:

I recognize that the term fiscal responsibility may or may not mean lowering taxes and it may or may not mean reducing spending, but it always should mean providing necessary services in as efficient a manner as is possible and within the constraints of a balanced budget.

Sounds like on the tax issue, Hrovat and Hanger have swapped parties.

Yet the question begs to be asked--if all three of the challengers are advocating a lower tax, doesn't that send a message to the Senator that voters in the 24th are fed up with his tax hikes?

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