Friday, May 25, 2007

Hanger: Pot Calls Kettle Black

Emmett Hanger seemingly criticized consumers who took advantage of low interest rates to build these big houses, and buy these gas guzzling cars, and now the taxes to pay for these amenities are coming back to bite them.

This revelation came about on the latest The New Dominion Podcast.

Well Emmett how about a little introspection on your and the 'Senate Leaderships' part. While the General Assembly was enjoying high revenues, as a matter of fact high enough revenues to double the Commonwealth's budget in the last ten years didn't the General Assembly build us a big tax guzzling Government?

This is literally how 'out of touch' Emmett Hanger and the Senate Leadership are and literally how they view those stupid Virginians pursuing the American Dream?

This same Leadership spent an anticipated 6.5% in projected growth in tax revenues but come to find out our economy could only provide an increase of 3.5% in new tax revenue. As a matter of fact Emmett admits in the podcast that the Senate Finance Committee was aware of the slowdown in the new home building market, but took no steps to account for it, or if they did, just plain blow it!

Now of course we all know what happens when we have a budget shortfall right? The 'gap' needs to be bridged with new and or higher taxes, doesn't it? However, you have all those people who are just 'Mad at the World', and do stuff like volunteer at the grassroots level of the Republican Party, and/or sign crazy things like 'No New Taxes Pledges'.

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