Friday, May 25, 2007

MisLeader still at it...

SWAC GIRL has a good post here highlighting the latest MisLeader attempt to 'inform' their readers about Scott Sayre's positions on the issues! An excerpt:

In today's Staunton News Leader it happened again. The title says, "Sayre: Anti-tax, anti-immigrant." If you read no further you would leave thinking Scott Sayre was anti-immigrant. But knowing that was not true, I read the letter and found it said he was anti-illegal immigrant.

Here's the letter judge for yourself what it said.

Now let's look at Scott Sayre's Website, and his position on immigration, and now for the rest of the story:

Immigration Reform
Our nation was built by immigrants -- hard-working, law abiding citizens who spent their lives building a better future for their children and grandchildren. Immigrants built this great nation. Because of the greatness of America and the freedoms and opportunities we enjoy, our nation is a magnet for the world. We are also a nation of laws and we must protect these laws or lose our liberties.
All immigrants must begin their journey in the United States with respect for our laws, and the respect of our fellow Americans. Those who violate the law by entering this country illegally are diminishing the American Dream for those who have, with patience and commitment, pursued a path to citizenship in a legal manner.
As a state acting alone it is difficult, if not impossible, to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. This is a problem that needs a comprehensive national solution. But this does not mean that we should sit idly by. We have an ability to remove incentives for illegal immigrants to come or stay in our Commonwealth.
I will support legislation to:
Preserve and protect in-state tuition at state colleges and universities only for those who are citizens and legal residents of Virginia. I would not support my opponent's sponsored bill, SB 677, and SB 1204 granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.
Propose legislation requiring verification of legal employment on a quarterly basis.
Hold illegal immigrants charged with a felony without bail.
Require identification when voting and ensure that all non-citizens are removed from the voter roles.
Allow for litigation when an employer knowingly hires illegal aliens and harms a law-abiding competitor.
Language is a common denominator which unites cultures. Generations of immigrants have come to our shores, embraced our language and assimilated into our American culture. I see no need to accommodate the rising tide of immigrants by changing the way we have done business for hundreds of years. I support Congressman Goodlatte's efforts to make English the official language of the United States .
Check out my Biography and Consider: My wife's grandparents were immigrants. Sayre Enterprises has employed hundreds of persons without ever having an I-9 inquiry or violation. Why let businesses wait until February of every year to get illegal immigrant W-2's returned. Identify the illegal immigrants now and solve the problem or face litigation.

Come on guys you should be able to better than this. RightsideVA has another example of the MisLeader almost giving us the whole story! Thank Goodness for Bloggers, and hey, time to sign up for the Next Blog Conference.
Now here is a blogger Elle, that gets more info. out on the candidates positions then will probably ever see from the local media. Spark it Up takes the DWJ crew to task in his post and comments section. Isn't interesting to see who is most vocal in support of Senator Hanger.



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