Saturday, May 26, 2007

Emmett Hanger – Out of Step

GOP Hokie has some great info up on the Family Foundation Ratings here. Of interest to me was Emmett Hanger receiving a 86. Emmet falls short of real leaders like Chris Saxman, Ben Cline, and Steve Landis who all received 100. It seems Hangers tax vote and school choice votes have cost him and left him out of step with the others. His opponent Scott Sayre is anti tax and pro school choice. GOP Hokie wonders if this will be a issue. Yes, It already is. Sayre has campaigned on the tax and school choice platform.
This leaves me wondering why Saxman, Landis, and Cline have not endorsed Sayre? It seems his platform is more instep with them than Hanger. But, they have not endorsed the incumbent Hanger either. Go figure.
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