Thursday, June 14, 2007

Virginia's Revolt, Not a Revolution - Yet

In Feudal Europe the peasants would rise up, occasionally, against particularly oppressive lords. After a bit of looting, killing and drunken revelry the 'Jacquerie' would be suppressed by all the neighboring lords with a fair measure of atrocities to send the proper message. Keep your place, Peasants. Your pitchforks are no match for our armed, heavy horsemen.

In our fertile, but as yet, futile Virginia the peasants are rising here and there. It's not clear if their efforts will be as ephemeral as a Jacquerie or more like the 1775 rising for the Rights of Englishmen in America.

The difference between the losing and the winning among Hanger, Stosch, Bell and Williams is very local and idiosyncratic.

I was intimately involved in the Stall win (Full Disclosure) - 1st Senate District - my home district. I was in contact with fellow peasants in other races.

Working the polls in Poquoson (our town went 59:41 for Stall with 12% voting in a party primary), I heard five people say variations of this:

The politicians, both Republican and Democrat, think we are stupid. We aren't. We will show them here at the polls.

Other comments were about how many times we have to vote 'No' for an elected official to get the message - and not cram unelected, unaccountable Regional Government down our throats.

What is wrong when a politician will spend over a half million dollars to keep his job? Who is getting paid off? Etc.

Since Tuesday afternoon, I've heard the same sentiments from voters in Newport News, York, and Hampton. The Democrats on the Hampton City Council may have gotten the message. Last night they voted unanimously against the Transportation Tax Panic - Regional Government.

There is a palatable sense of betrayal held by many common folk for elected officials, former elected officials and party officials who support incumbents who betray campaign promises and party creeds to raise taxes and expand government. There is genuine disgust with reflexive Republicans - those Republicans who would support - name your villain - no matter what they do in office as long as they were once elected as Republicans.

The resentment caused by poor management of the Iraq War and, way more, with the Illegal Alien Shamnesty Bill is great and growing.

Lest I give the wrong connotation - this isn't a vote of angry people whose ire will blow over after a relaxing summer.

It is a thoughtful vote of people who are grateful for a choice in a candidate who reflects their opinions. It is a fatigue with big government, tax and spend, tin ear politicians who won't enforce the laws on the books - the Rule of Law - let alone their campaign promises. It is an energy from people who are Patriots in every sense of the word - so many have military experience or serving family members now. It is a growing determination to do what is necessary - walk away from a major political party that once held their hopes and aspirations or any candidate - who won't do what is fundamentally necessary to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States and the Commonwealth of Virginia - in absolute service to The People - not the special interests, the money donors, the circular flow of privilege and wealth that is Virginia's way to do political corruption.

Pundits can dismiss this little primary as they like. They didn't look the voters in the eyes. They didn't hear their voices. They didn't feel the grip of their handshake and hugs.

We beat a 12 year incumbent who outspent Tricia Stall over 10:1. Isn't money supposed to define who wins or loses? Besides, this is Tidewater where politicians are elected for life - from either party.

I don't think this is just a Jacquerie in Virginia. If Illegal Alien Shamnesty passes in Washington - we may sense, emotionally, of what it was like after the Boston Massacre and the Tea Party and the wooden bridge at Concord all built upon one another - to where the government has broken its trust with The People. The difference is all of the political fighting will be with ballots, not bayonets.

And, perhaps, as we did on The Peninsula - The People will speak clearly.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Battle in the 24th: The Delegate Factor

It's time to discuss Delegates Landes, Saxman, Cline and the race in the 24th. Personally I like the way all three vote. Conservative on all fronts, and especially taxes. As Scott Sayre pointed in the recent debate with Hanger, all three have signed the VCAP 'No New Taxes Pledge", and have voted against Hanger's 04' tax increase, and his subsequent tax packages in 05' and 06'. The only person 'out of step' around our district is Hanger period, on taxes.

Del. Landes finally declared for Hanger last week, by himself.. No Saxman or Cline in attendance. What does this tell you? He owed his allegiance to Hanger for past favors, and they share family in staffing, so no surprise there. I will say this for Del. Landes, 'At least he took a stand'. His late endorsement really speaks more for Sayre than it does for Hanger, so he isn't seen as disfavorably with the local grass roots, although we obviously wished he would have stayed neutral altogether, or endorsed as he really votes in the General Assembly.

On to Del. Saxman. He and Emmett have always had conflicting interests. Both have state wide ambitions, as Emmett had a failed LG run in 05', and Saxman is always the talk of a McDonnell-Saxman-Connaughton ticket in 09'. Saxman has consistently voted and advocated for lower taxes along with reigning in the 'run away spending' in our Commonwealth's budget. This sits real well with us 'extremist' grass roots types, because that means he is 'one of us'. What isn't sitting well is that he is not coming out in support of Scott Sayre, because he would be a 'huge' factor, and probably would drive the last nails in Emmett's coffin, in this race.

Now, Saxman is obviously playing it the same way VA General Assembly Speaker Howell, and House Majority Leader Griffith see this race. They came out in support of Hanger, which is a win-win for them, as they probably see this. Both of them would probably Love to see Sayre win, because they have been fighting Potts/Chichester/Hanger since 04' to try and keep a lid on taxes and spending. Should Hanger prevail in this contest, they at least are in Hanger's and the 'Senate Leadership's 'Good Graces' for publicly supporting them.

These two do not have to face any of the 24th's voters, or backlash for standing with Hanger, since we can not vote them out of office. Saxman on the other hand doesn't have this luxury. Saxman will be seen as not standing by his principles (as per his voting record) by not endorsing Sayre. The big factor here is Saxman not completely alienating either the Hanger or Sayre voters, and he can still raise $$ from both camps and smile a lot while hoping for their votes in his base district, as he readies his state wide ambitions.

Saxman still doesn't look good with his grass roots supporters who have pounded his signs, worked the polls for him, etc. since he was first elected. WE have put it all on the line, plus Leadership was expected... and I'll leave it at that.

Del. Cline, has the unenviable position of having the least seniority of the three, and can receive the most damage from the Speaker and House Majority Leader for appearing to 'buck' both of them, with an endorsement of Sayre. Philosophically, Cline is completely in line with Sayre on taxes and spending. His 'Yellow Pages' Bill meets the same fate as Saxman's 'School Choice' in Senate Finance... Doesn't see the light of day, because well, you see the 'Senate Leadership' could obviously not give a 'rip' about spending and taxes, because well, they are all about raising taxes and spending.

Ben also has the problem of a one David Beyeler, who is Augusta County Supervisor and Hanger supporter who holds some sway in Ben's Augusta County precincts. Think that conversation has come up between the two? Never mind that David Beyeler is also philosophically in line with Sayre also on Spending and taxes, but hey, He has been buddies with Hanger forever. Can you say 'Good ol' Boy' network? My favorite conversation with Beyeler is reminding him that by endorsing Hanger, he also endorses a 5% wholesale gasoline tax, increasing the tax on new and used vehicles by 25%, tripling the Grantors tax, etc. etc. How about giving in-state tuition to illegal immigrants, and remember the Big Un' in 04'? The voters do.

Mr. Beyeler also is part of the same Board of Supervisors that gave our County a big fat, 28% increase in our Real Estate Assessments, and didn't see fit to drop the rate one, red, cent. I have enjoyed going door-to-door in his district for the past two weeks.... Think that subject comes up? Can you say 'Power of the Grass Roots'? Many a Sayre sign has gotten planted in the South River district, just on the basis of Beyeler's endorsement of Hanger.

Hey, isn't it Hanger that says "I'm raising taxes in Richmond, so the localities don't have to raise your local Real Estate Taxes?

In conclusion, all politics is local isn't it? The people are interested in Leadership... and the only Leadership alternative is Scott Sayre for Senate.... This whole thing plays out next Tuesday, and I for one am hoping for new Leadership, but what will the voters say? Five days to go.
(I wrote this on June 8th, 2007, and didn't publish it for fear we might lose what little support we had from our Delegates at that point. The reason I am publishing it now is because I think it is very relevent to the outcome and analysis of this campaign.)

Sunday, June 10, 2007


As a point of information. You can spin it as you wish. I suppose that we could argue all day about what Sen.Hanger's immigration bill does or does not do. We might never come to a conclusuion. Maybe we should look at what the illegal immigrants think. I can't take credit for finding this. It was posted in a comment section . Read here for yourself the whole article by Deepak Bhargava of New America Media said in a commentary about "Undocumented Students." He specifically cites Sen.Hanger and his bill.
"The bill was introduced by Emmett W. Hanger, a Republican and longtime opponent of college education for undocumented students. After presiding over naturalization ceremonies and seeing these new citizens swear their loyalty after years of effort and toil, Mr. Hanger had a change of heart. "
I guess the "Undocumented students" know what it means to them?

Yankee Philip

What a fantastic weekend!

We are in the home stretch of this campaign and Scott Sayre is doing a terrific job! We spent Friday night at Bruce and Ruth Grover's home, munching on goodies and listening to the music of Bob Campbell.

Saturday went off like gangbusters with 6 teams in the field in SWAC knocking on doors and cultivating votes. Has anyone noticed all of the Sayre signs popping up like flowers? It is a beautiful site!

These are the final days. Once again, I know that I chose the right candidate to work for. I am proud of Scott Sayre and his campaign. The race never should have gotten this close, but it was through the hard work and dedication of Scott Sayre and his grassroots that it did.

It is time for change and Scott Sayre is the right man for the job!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Who is negative?
Negative is defined as hostile or disparaging; malicious. The Bloggers4Sayre were not. We presented the facts. We did spotlight where the two candidates disagreed. We let people know about the tax increase. We let people know about illegal aliens. We let people know about the gas tax. I let people know about how Sen.Hanger has a thing for our septic systems. We let the people know which candidate was blurring the definition of a Republican.
There was a lot of sarcasm. There was a lot of humor. There were no hostile or malicious comments. The name calling and threats did not come from the Sayre supporters. The name calling didn't just come from the Senator's supporters either. The only time any of the Sayre people seem anyway negative is in defense, in responding to belligerant behavior.

"Where is the fence???"

Click pic for video

Sen.Hanger has a bill that will allow in-state tuition for illegal aliens. Scott Sayre is opposed to taking our tax dollars from our children and giving it to people who entered our country illegally. See In-Politically Correct's posting of May 22,2007

One solution is being offered by the people at
You also have the Minutemen
See my page here

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Our country was founded with the idea of common sense. Scott has made common sense a cornerstone of his campaign. He has derided Richmond for putting to many obstacles in the way of businesses. Regulations cost money. The Small business Administration has written a study on the impact of litigation on small businesses. You can read it here. Scott's goal is to minimize the barriers to business growth, and to protect the consumer.

HOME DEPOT isn’t using common sense today. Click here for more info from my page

Christian Schoenewald joins host of Republican leaders endorsing Scott Sayre in the June 12 Republican Primary

From Christian Schoenewald, the 5th Congressional District Republican Committee Vice Chairman and Albemarle County Republican Committee Vice Chairman:

"I believe that it is important for Republicans to represent the principals and philosophies that lead to smaller government and the absolute minimum amount of taxation. In the current 24th Senate District of Virginia Republican contest there is only one candidate that supports and believes in these ideals. Without any reservation or doubt I endorse Scott Sayre.

I have only known Scott since January, but in that short amount of time he has shown a tremendous grasp of the issues that face the State Senate. He understands that solutions to our problems need to come from the people experiencing the problems, not lobbyists in Richmond. Mr. Sayre will bring much needed outside-the-box thinking to the Senate of Virginia.

In addition, I would like to commend Scott Sayre's campaign for running a campaign focused on the issues and what is a stake in the Commonwealth, not personal attacks and underhanded tricks. It is refreshing to see a candidate set a tone that brings respectability back to politics."

- Christian J. Schoenewald

Vice Chairman, 5th Congressional District Republican Committee; and Vice Chairman, Albemarle County Republican Committee

For more information or quotes contact:

Cell phone: 540-448-0384
Headquarters phone: 540-261-0983
There is a link at the bottom of this e-mail which you can use to forward this notice to anyone who may be interested in reading this e-mail.
Scott Signs ATR Pledge
Go to to learn more about Scott and his campaign. New content has been posted!
Where will Scott be?
Thursday - 5:30pm: ON TV3 news
Friday - 6:30pm: Pool Party & Dessert Reception at General Bruce Grover's house in Staunton! Everyone is invited to this event! Bring your friends and family to meet Scott: 2406 North Augusta St., Staunton.
Saturday - 9am Rally @ Buena Vista Headquarters - 7pm:
Coffee in Rockbridge County

Hanger at odds with RPV, threatens local committees

Ed Gillespie believes in lower taxes. Obviously he does, he's a Republican. So when Gillespie sent out a letter May encouraging ALL Republican candidates to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, it came as no surprise.

In the 24th District, one candidate heeded his call (Scott Sayre), the other dismissed it and called low-tax proponents as extremists (Emmett Hanger).

Then, to further cloud the waters, Hanger said this in today's News Virginian:
"Hanger said he also has grassroots support, and said the current Republican leadership in District 24 is “out of step with the grass roots Republican agenda.”
Not to sound naive, but isn't Ed Gillespie in the head honcho in charge of grassroots? Who is out of step with the Republican grassroots?

Emmett steps in it further. Dave Fritz, editor of the Staunton News Leader, interviewed Hanger recently. Following the interview he mused:
"He (Hanger) also takes a hard look at how the local GOP got itself into this mess, mostly by breathing a sigh of relief when someone -- anyone -- would step up for the thankless jobs of local party leadership without considering the extreme agendas those volunteers brought along with them. I guess that's how a party gets hijacked by a loud minority."
Dr. Kurt Michael, chair of Augusta, faced a challenger for his chairmanship back in 2004. He brought out over 100 people at that mass meeting. Does this sound like a "sigh of relief"? Not really, that sounds to me like an awful lot of people who value Michael's leadership and want to ensure that the committee would not be led astray by special interest politicians who want to control the grassroots.

Then Emmett goes on to say:
"In an editorial board endorsement interview this week, Sen. Emmett Hanger... made it clear that if voters now and in November put him back in office, that in addition to his legislative priorities, he'll be interested in helping the traditional base of the area's GOP regain control of local party leadership positions."
So he is now threatening the local party leadership? Does he plan on replacing Dr. Kurt Michael (Augusta), Chris Darden (Waynesboro), Anne Taetzsch (Staunton), Mike Meredith (Harrisonburg), Keith Drake (Albemarle), David Kiser (Highland) and Gary Lowe (Greene)? Will he then also replace the committee members that endorsed Sayre? That means he'll have to oust the entirety of the Greene County and Waynesboro City Committees.

It speaks volumes when a candidate lashes out like this. He has no message and therefore resorts to baseless lies and threats. Those lambs who follow him had better watch out--looks like the good Senator is leading them to slaughter.

For more check out Swac Girl.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

In spite of what one blogger said about my letters to the editor ,in spite of being called a paid flunky,in spite of having "just moving to the valley"(2 years ago), I did have another letter published today in the local paper.

We need Sayre
Scott Sayre is the new voice we need in Richmond. He will say no to wasteful pork spending. He has common-sense solutions to meet the Valley’s needs. He has pledged to stop tax increases. He has said that he would not vote for in-state tuition for illegal aliens unlike Sen. Hanger. He has been a total gentleman on the campaign trail. So have his volunteers, unlike his opponent’s paid workers.
Scott Sayre has the backing of almost all of the grassroots volunteers in Augusta, Greene, Albemarle, Highland, Rockbridge and Rockingham counties. He has the support of the grassroots in Staunton and Waynesboro. Scott Sayre has asked for our votes on June 12. Let’s give it to him, so he can stop the wild tax increases that we are experiencing here in the Valley.
Philip Lynch

B4S accused of Hate Speech

Cartoon Link
I guess the three blind mice are running the News Leader now a days. Rather than 'discover' what would be a major story of a three term incumbent sending out mailers 'contradicting' his own legislation the MisLeader trots out a cartoon by Jim McCloskey to try and change the subject?

To top it off the bloggers symbolized behind a wooden candidate (we even operate his hand) are ostensibly spewing Hate Speech, Insults, Mocking, Negative campaigning, etc. Hate Speech, seriously? Maybe it was this post, or possibly this one?

What's really ironic about this is the fact that the 'one blog wrecked into the sewer' just finished viciously attacking family and even employees of Scott Sayre. Guess that doesn't warrant a cartoon because it would expose where the real dirt is coming from.

Regardless, going door-to-door this past week has been a very revealing experience. When you are walking past homes, you look for the address of voters so you can speak to them face to face and tell them about Scott. The other homes we 'Lit Drop' or leave a pamphlet in the newspaper box, but more often we are leaving them under doormats or curled up between the door knob and jam, if they don't have a mat.

The point though is that many of the voters we visit only have a mail box and no newspaper box, and that is prevalent for homes not on our list as voters as well. The impending death of the print MSM is pretty well documented, because most people don't have the time to read anymore, or are just so turned off by what's in the news they don't bother. Many instead just get their news from TV.

Editorially, the MisLeader is predictable with a few exceptions, but consistently they praise our Democrat Governors for attempting to raise our taxes, and demean our Conservative Legislators. What is ridiculous about the situation is that this is a solid Conservative district, and if our newspaper had a lick of business sense it would quit alienating it's potential customers and give us news and editorial comment in step with the community.

It's almost like a Darwinian 'Natural Selection of the Species' experiment, whereby an animal does stupid things, or is unwilling to adapt itself to it's environment to survive.

24th District "In Case of Emergency" Candidate

I was reading with curiosity Chris Graham's interview with David Cox, an Episcopal minister from Lexington, on the New Dominion today. Chris asked some great questions, and with so many subtexts, I am not sure where to begin. However, Cox may have revealed much more than he intended to.

The first inclination of where the Democrats are at came with this statement by Cox (potential Democrat nominee for the 24th Senate district--more on that in a bit). Cox said, "What makes this race attractive in the 24th Senatorial District is the fact that we may have a clean slate - it may be an open seat."

On first blush this seems innocuous enough; the Dems have appropriately found someone to run for their ticket. However, Cox voiced speculation that Emmett Hanger may lose--now this in and of itself is phenomenal. In the history of VA politics (correct me if I'm wrong), there have only been three incumbents unseated since Reconstruction in the General Assembly. Basically folks, it never happens. Hanger v Sayre is, as SWAC Girl alluded to, David v. Goliath. Yet, the Dems went ahead and nominated someone because even they realize that the unprecedented may happen.

However, what Cox says next interests me even more. Graham asks the follow-up question regarding what happens based on the outcome of the Republican primary. Cox's response is only thinly veiled when he says, "It’s up to the Republicans to determine what they do - and Democrats are going to respond appropriately."

The Democrats will respond appropriately? What exactly does that mean? Have they nominated Cox as the "in case of emergency candidate"? Meaning, if their native son Hanger loses, they then have a decent alternative?

There should be no "appropriate response". The bottom line, the Democrat candidate should be spending every moment of every day ensuring that he fully intends to be a contender in this race.

This is getting curiouser and curiouser. Get out the popcorn and soda, June 12th is proving to be quite a show!

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007


In an earlier post, I asked two simple questions of the new pro-Hanger blogger, "Teddy Roosevelt":
Do you really believe funding "core services" required a 22 percent increase in the last two years? Do you believe it required a 60 percent increase over the last six?
In a later comment, Teddy referred to "a special tax message just for you on Teddy's Truth." Curious to see what I figured would be an answer to my questions, I took a look. There was some, um, interesting blog art, and rather long verbal caricature of Grover Norquist, but my questions were not even addressed, let alone answered.



A Lesson from Recent History

Principle knows that endorsing liberals to keep Republican seats is a moral error. Pennsylvania shows it to be a political error as well.

SWAC GIRL: The King Makers Cometh

SWAC GIRL warns:

Are we to bow down? Who makes up the minds of the people? The king makers ... or the people themselves?

Have deals been cut?

You can't stop change.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Many aspects to a debate...


Powerful couple of weeks and much to write about but sometimes hard to keep on track when things get rolling as fast as they have. I was pleased to see the “Debate” at Blue Ridge between Sayre and Hanger and I had told both candidates from the beginning that a public forum like that was needed for the citizens of the 24th to make an informed decision. The format worked well and I believe the questions were in order and brought out many interesting responses from both Hanger and Sayre. I only wish the candidate from the Libertarian Party Mr. Sime was included for I have spoken with him several times and he has very good points and opinions that would have enhanced the “Debate”. Unfortunately the Libertarian Party is not as recognized or understood as well as it should be. I cant tell you how many times I have gotten a blank stare when I mention the “Libertarian” party in a conversation for people just are not aware of the party. And some I have even had to explain that they are not the party of “Librarians”…

I also told both Candidates that competition was a good thing even within the same party for it makes the party as a whole stronger in the end. Unfortunately on the “Outside” it has gotten ugly in places but the principles and beliefs of the Republican party are strong in the citizens of the Valley.

The week following the debate I attended the “Americans for Prosperity” luncheon in Richmond and heard several strong speakers on what has made this strong economy we have. I was very impressed by the former Lt. Governor of Maryland Michael Steele and there is no doubt this is a man that we need more of in our party and government. All of these speakers spoke of the booming economy along with the problem of overspending which has overshadowed the perception of America in many eyes of the citizens. There is no doubt we have a very strong economy as evident in the stock market, increased incomes, incredible tax revenues coming into the treasuries, and retirement accounts. The problem is we have severe spending problems at all levels of government and into our private finance dealings. These are problems that we must address sooner then later and this has been discussed in many forums recently.

It was a key point in the Sayre \ Hanger debate and continues to be an active topic in many blogs and news reports. I am encouraged by those who understand that our strong economy is the result of hard work by the working citizens of America and also the ability of businesses to respond and operate to the best of their ability. I am encouraged to see those who understand that by lowering the taxes on ALL Americans and businesses this results in increased investments and outstanding economies. John F. Kennedy understood this. So did Ronald Reagen. So did George W. Bush. And I believe Scott Sayre understands this also.

Numerous times during the debate I saw examples of how Scott Sayre understands the power of the American worker and a business that is allowed to respond in effective ways and policies. I believe that he understands the problems of wasteful and overspending in our government and the looming “Thunderstorms” in the future facing us in Social Security, Medicare, and the numerous budget problems facing us in our State budget as well.

Many times during the debate, as well as in the national debates, the topic of raising taxes to “cure our ill’s” comes up and it is interesting to see this discussed. Some people feel that with a strong economy it is appropriate to raise taxes to pay for programs and correct the results of wasteful overspending. Some people feel that this is the appropriate way to cure a problem instead of dealing with and preventing the root cause and at the same time ignoring the effects increased taxes have on an economy.

I am encouraged by those who understand and believe in the power of the American worker who is allowed to keep more of his earned income to spend, save, and invest as he sees fit. This results in personal ownership and increased efforts to provide the best possible for themselves, their families, their communities, and their country.

I am encouraged when I see Scott Sayre speak of supporting these working Americans and at the same time limiting government and it’s wasteful spending habits.

Remember. There are many forms of “The Hunt for Red November”…
More to come…
Steve Kijak

Teddy on Taxes

I'll say this for Teddy's Truth (I prefer Teddy's Truthiness, but it's not my blog) - amidst the sludge aimed at us (BTW, Teddy, I'm a real person from Fredericksburg, not a "nameplate"), he does at least try to defend Emmett Hanger's tax hike votes. Scroll down a little from the blogart in Teddy's post and you get this explanation:
Hanger believes that a big part of being a Republican comes from understanding the importance of balancing the budget and in doing what is necessary to assure that core services are provided for.
Of course, this argument is hardly new; Andrew Clem tried a similar line earlier, and link Andy, Teddy sounds reasonable in the abstract. The trouble comes when actual recent budgetary history comes into play.

The fact is, when Governor Gilmore left office in January 2002, the biennial budget stood at $47 billion. The current biennial budget stands at $75 billion (Free Lance-Star), an increase of sixty percent over six years (three budget periods). The smallest budget increase, which came in Mark Warner's initial and "painful" budget, was still just shy of 10%.

In fact, the current budget is nearly $14 billion higher than the last one, a staggering increase of 22 percent.

So my question, to both Teddy and Andy (note to Andy: this is in response to your comment on my earlier post - a comment I must confess I did not notice until today) is this: Do you really believe funding "core services" required a 22 percent increase in the last two years? Do you believe it required a 60 percent increase over the last six?

If so, I simply can't take your claims to support limited government seriously.

Likewise, I can't take Emmett Hanger's claim seriously either.


Give Scott Sayre vote on June 12
Published today in the Newsleader
Scott Sayre is the man we need to stop the tax hikes in the Valley. We need him to curb the wasteful spending in Richmond. We need him to stop the boondoggles like the $11 million tunnel to keep the senators dry. We need him to stop spending our tax dollars on college tuition for illegal aliens. We need a man who can set priorities properly for the Valley. On June 12, Scott Sayre has asked us for his vote. Lets give it to him.

Son/Daughter of Bloggers 4 Hanger

Isn't it interesting that right after Bloggers 4 Hanger gets nixed by Sen. Hanger himself via phone call to the 'One Blog Wrecked in the Sewer", that we get this new 'creature' Teddy's Truth, who's first post states:

Welcome to Teddy's Truth
Hello and welcome to Teddy's Truth! I never thought I would post a blog, but as I searched the Web looking for information on various political candidates, I discovered that the "blogosphere" is by and large a vast collection of mistruths. There are certainly some out there who have used their pulpit to advance positive and worthwhile causes, but many more have resorted to outright lies in an effort to promote their own distorted agenda. This is most destructive when it is passed along in search engines and mistaken by folks outside the blog world as legitimate news. Part of the purpose of this blog will be to reveal the lies of those dishonorable bloggers and to attempt to set the record straight.

Now is this a coincidence? Hardly, but let's cut straight to the chase on this character. Note his comment which is 17th on this post:

I'm still here Chris. Funny but I don't feel busted. Am I supposed to be humiliated because I said you guys have 17 liars 4 sayre instead of 18.I've thought about that and you're actually right. I did speak incorrectly on the actual number of liars 4 sayre. By my count there are
7.Alex DavisPhil LynchLynn MitchellAnne TaetzschChris GreenSteve KajakKurt MichaelThe rest are just nameplates from outside the area. You could misrepresent that you have 1,000 liars 4 sayre and nobody would be impressed. As I mentioned yesterday...stack a whole bunch of it up and it still smells the same.
June 3, 2007 10:42 PM

It's time to call BS! Here is the reborn Bloggers 4 Hanger saying that we are liars, which is a common theme from these people. Now let's take a look at what supposedly is the truth, Emmett's latest mailer on in-state tuition to illegal aliens. WE all know he wrote the bill, yet he sends out this piece.

It is getting pretty obvious here that we are just dealing with people who have a serious inability to be honest. It just so happens that the actual President Theodore Roosevelt had something to say about these people:

"We cannot afford to differ on the question of honesty if we expect our republic permanently to endure.Honesty is not so much a credit as an absolute prerequisiteto efficient service to the public. Unless a man is honest, we have no right to keep him in public life;it matters not how brilliant his capacity." - Theordore Roosevelt.

Looks like Teddy wouldn't be voting for ol' Emmett...

Hanger acknowledges he seeks support of Dems

In today's Roanoke Times, reporter Michael Sluss writes the following:
"Hanger, 58, said he is reaching out to independents and Democrats who have supported him in general elections. A small turnout in the open primary could hurt his re-election chances, Hanger acknowledged."
Hanger then goes on the record stating:
"There would be the probability that I could be defeated by people who are just upset with things in general," he said.
Hanger than acknowledges that he did introduce legislation to provide in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

"Sayre also has criticized Hanger for sponsoring legislation that would allow state colleges to grant in-state tuition rates to certain illegal immigrants. Hanger's bill, which has twice failed in the House of Delegates, would prohibit colleges from offering in-state tuition to illegal immigrants, but allow exceptions for students who have lived in the state for three years, come from tax-paying families, graduated from a Virginia high school and demonstrated intent to file for U.S. citizenship.

Hanger said his bill would set a policy for state colleges and allow some narrow, "common-sense" exceptions for certain students."

This after he just paid thousands of dollars to send out a slick mailer stating the opposite and misleading voters.

I am amazed that Hanger would acknowledge that he's lost touch with the Republican party and is actively seeking votes from those outside his own party. I suppose desperate times do call for desperate measures.

For more on this story please visit Spark it Up, Bloggers4Sayre and From on High

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RK calls the Kettle Black

This is a hoot-- Get RK today who just discovered the race in the 24th:

You know, I was actually reminiscing with someone the other day about how Chad Dotson's old Commonweatlh Conservative - not my favorite blog, to put it mildly - in hindsight seems tame, erudite, reasonable, civilized, and downright moderate compared to the frothing-at-the-mouth ravings of today's "breed" of far-far-far-FAR right wing bloggers.

Frothing at the Mouth? How about this from a Blogger4Hanger (third from top):

Scott had promised to appear, by Monday, on the VCAP blog. A blog which has already endorsed Mr. S(c)arye(d).
Really. This man will need to learn how to run a tight schedule and a computer.
What a candidate!!!!!
Will he show tonight to give Dean a hand job? One never knows…….

Well now, isn't that special....

I guess the second point to make here is exactly what does RK consider themselves? The 'sensible center'? Seems they harbor a grudge against us SWAC Bloggers... and the fact that we have lined up a total of 18 bloggers supporting the candidacy of Scott Sayre. That fact in itself is unprecedented in the VA Blogosphere....

I was wondering when the whining would start.. Look at em' Those Mean ol' Nasty Republicans have organized! Quick, we need to call them names! Quick, attack on the speculation that actual Party Leaders may be blogging! What a joke, I thought blogging was actually something we wanted all Leaders to do? You know take a stand?
Whatever RK...

The view from outside

Jerry Fuhrman (From on High) paid a visit to the 24th (something that, I must confess, I've been unable to do), and gives his take on the race. Here's the meat of the post (emphasis in original):

The reason Hanger has become a target for conservatives is because, over the years, he has adopted the political viewpoints of the despised enemy, liberal Democrats, having voted for tax increases to fix an overstated "education crisis" in 2004 and a mythical "transportation crisis" in 2006.

His penchant for looking the other way at the rising problem with illegal immigration (he even proposed that we offer conditional breaks on in-state college tuition to illegals) has turned much of his constituency off as well.

So Hanger is in the fight of his life. And has resorted to appealing to Democrats to save him in the
upcoming primary, where they are allowed to cross over and vote a Republican ballot.* That speaks volumes.

Those hundreds of yard signs speak to us as well. Even with liberal Democrat support, expect Hanger to be sent packing next week.

And good riddance. If we wanted a Democrat, we'd vote for a Democrat.


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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Emmett Desperate on In-State Tuition Issue

SB1204 is a Bill that Senator Emmett Hanger wrote, now he is running away from it like the plague. Elle has done an excellent job exposing this bill, and for all of Emmett's supporters lets do this one more time:

Seeing as how Hanger has nothing to say on his website, I had to go back and check his legislative record. As I've previously post, Hanger sponsored SB 1204, which allowed for in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

D. Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection A, any person shall be eligible for in-state tuition who:

1. Has resided with his parent, guardian, or other person standing in loco parentis while attending a public or private high school in this state;

2. Has graduated from a public or private high school in Virginia;

3. Has resided in the Commonwealth for at least three years as of the date the individual graduated from high school;

4. Has registered as an entering student in an institution of higher education;

5. Has provided an affidavit to the institution stating that he has filed an application to become a permanent resident of the United States and is actively pursuing such permanent residency or will do so as soon as he is eligible; and

6. Has submitted evidence that he, or in the case of a dependent student, at least one parent, guardian, or person standing in loco parentis, has filed, unless exempted by state law, Virginia income tax returns for at least three years prior to the date of enrollment.

This bill, as previously noted, was shot down in the house.

Then this gets sent out to the constituents of the 24th District by the Hanger Campaign. What is the term for this?

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Vote For Sayre
From Satursay's Harrisonburg Daily News
Why should anyone take time from a busy schedule to vote for Scott Sayre in the Republican Primary on June 12?
Let’s think about that: excellent leadership, dedicated public service, common sense and strong values are just a few reasons to take the time to vote for Scott Sayre. He won’t spend $11 million to build a tunnel for the delegates when a $5 umbrella would do the job. Scott Sayre is a proven business leader. A Boy Scout leader. A deacon in his church.
Growing up in Augusta County, Scott Sayre excelled in numerous scholastic activities at Waynesboro High School. He graduated from VMI. He received his Master’s degree from Liberty University and then served our nation in the U.S. Army.
This hard working, dedicated family man has worked hard to build a business that employs over 100 people in the valley.
Scott is one of the largest employers of adults with disabilities in the Shenandoah Valley. He has put his own money into public schools and into business development. He hasn't wasted our tax dollars on Richmond pork. Without reservation, I highly endorse Scott Sayre for a four-year term in the state legislature.
We need this good man to support education, to improve transportation, to stop the large tax increases like the one voted for by Sen. Hanger. Scott doesn’t start calling his opponent names and engaging in personal attacks. He won’t call a person who doesn’t want to increase taxes, "an extremist." We need a man like Scott to protect the citizens from abuse of government power from Richmond.
See Letter to the Editor here
See my page here
Scott supporting Virginia Tech

Thanks for the invite

Glad to be on board for this extremely worthy cause.

Friday, June 1, 2007

And Then There were 17

SWAC GIRL has this excellent post on new developments on B4S:

With the Scott Sayre-Emmett Hanger race heating up here in the 24th District -- it has been called THE race to watch with the best chance of unseating an incumbent -- three more prominent and well respected conservative bloggers have come on board. This brings the total to 17.Jim Riley (Riley Not O'Reilly) from Virginia Virtucon, Leslie Carbone, and Greg L from Black Velvet Bruce Li have signed onto Bloggers4Sayre to help in the conservative battle in the blogosphere.We are honored to have their support ... and we thank them.

Prominent to say the least... B4S boasts some of the Heaviest Hitters (and Big Guns!) on the ODBA! Welcome they are indeed!

Del. Landes finally backs Hanger

No surprise here, Del Landes, as described in this NewsVirginian article:

"Landes worked for Hanger as a legislative aide when Hanger was a delegate in 1986, and considers him a mentor much like former Del. Pete Giesen and 6th District Congressman Bob Goodlatte."

His endorsement as reported:

“It’s no secret I’m supporting him,’’ Landes said of Hanger on Thursday. “I want to do something more formal.”

What is most relevent is a couple of facts.

  1. Why didn't he come out when Hanger first announced as he rounded up every elected official he could lay his hands on, which included Democrats like Tracy Pyles of the Augusta County Board of Supervisors? This is a prime indicator of hoping he could remain neutral for the primary.

  2. Where is the joint appearance with Del. Saxman and Del. Cline?

What does surprise me about picking today to go public is the timeliness of the endorsement so close to Hanger's path to the 'Low Road'. He failed to publically disavow himself from the new 'Mike Stark' of this campaign yesterday, by not distancing himself or his campaign from the personal attacks being leveled against his rivals spouse. Sadly, is it to be assumed that Del. Landes feels it's OK for any rival for his Seat to attack his wife and immediate family? Looks like he has left himself open for it.

I have spoken with other 'public officials' today on the phone, who suggested Hanger knew nothing about this, but took measures to pull the plug on the 'anonymous' Bloggers4Hanger blog. The question begged to be answered is that if Hanger was fully aware of this situation yesterday during the joint radio appearance, why did he fail to condemn this vicious attack on a non-candidate?

DJ has a good take here:

Well, the Hanger people apparently learned all the wrong lessons from last year.Their latest attempt to drag Hanger across the finish line now apparently includes digging up info on Scott Sayre's wife, and using a blogger (namely, Myron Rhodes) to get the information out. Moreover, when an outside blogger (Virginia Virtucon) calls him on it, Myron resorts to physical threats.

Meanwhile. Not to mention, when is this guy coming to town for Emmett? More on the state of Conservative politics in VA. This is the logic from a self proclaimed Conservative blogger?

The current situation

As my post on RWL is more germane to the state of the blogosphere than the actual race, I'll simply link to said post here.