Monday, April 30, 2007

Senator Hanger addresses 'Insignificants'

Well, it's official now, Senator Hanger has been doing some liveblogging tonight over at Republitarian, and he has this to say about those 'uppity' Grass Roots' types:

"There is a big differencebetween a dedicated grass roots volunteer and someone
who takesadvantage of their position to advance their own personal agenda in a
meanspirited manner. That type of unacceptable behavior is normally reservedfor
the candidates themselves."

Maybe this is a fair, and civil interpretation of the Senator's thoughts onGrass Roots, or actually 24th District Republican Party members, and in somecases bloggers...

"You are much better seen than heard... now go back to your insignificant
and thankless little jobs.. You can leave political opinions to us 'elected
officials'.. We Matter, YOU DON'T, especially if you are not supporting me!" (
unacceptable behavior) Hard policy questions are also, seemingly off-limits.

OK, Senator Hanger we will... Hmm.. wonder what the traffic count is here at this intersection of RT 11 (Lee Hwy) and Laurel Hill Rd? Bet it's like 5,000 cars a day... Just got er up today...
Oh, isn't 'mean spirited' one of those catch phrases Democrats like to 'paint' Republicans with?

An update, an event and a reminder:

From a Sayre campaign release...

On Wednesday, during an interview, Senator Hanger made remarks that were discourteous to all of us who have ever helped an incumbent get elected.

"I've gone to the community leaders because I think they're more significant than the members of local parties who find themselves in offices at any particular point in time - because those are somewhat thankless jobs that we kind of hand over to anybody who says they want them," Hanger said in an interview with The New Dominion.

Later Hanger talked about the Republican activists and said: "they've had a tremendous influence on our party at the national level, and not in a positive way."

We wholeheartedly disagree!!! We are deeply grateful for every volunteer effort which has been put forth on our behalf in this campaign, whether you have put up a sign, made phone calls, helped at our offices, wrote a letter to the editor, etc.

You are the key to success in this senate campaign. Without your efforts and your hard work, there is no way we could have generated so much excitement and support as we have at this point. Remember, with our coordinated efforts we will go on to victory on June 12!

Please make sure you contact us and let us know how you can help with the Staunton office workload or the Waynesboro phone calling-campaign. This is very important! We have coordinators for both locations who can plug you in whenever your schedule allows.

Please make every effort to join the Augusta County Republican Executive Committee on Wednesday, May 2nd at 5pm at the Sayre Enterprises office in Fishersville (1707 on Rt. 250). They will be holding a press conference to announce the overwhelming grassroots support that Scott Sayre has in this election, and to formally endorse Scott in his run. This is a great opportunity come by and grab a yard sign, bumper sticker, or any other campaign material, and your presence would big a big asset during this crucial press conference! has been posting relevant information and analysis on the 24th District Primary race. You can go to their BLOG site to see the feedback from Senator Hanger's anti-grassroots comments made on Wednesday.

June 12 is only 45 days away!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Another New Blogger for Sayre

I'm Charlie Fugate and I run the blog, Good Sense. I have been graciously invited to contribute here at Bloggers 4 Sayre. I don't live in Mr. Sayre's district, however, I am a conservative and believe we must support conservative candidates wherever they are running. I am looking forward to contributing here at Bloggers 4 Sayre.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bearing Drift: "Emmett's Got Foot in Mouth Disease"

Bearing Drift (the #2 ranked blog on BNN this week), has some good coverage of development in our statewide primaries... first here with comments on the Blackburn Stosch showdown :

Talk about denial!
In 2004, the legislature went 55 days into overtime
before the House reluctantly agreed to a $1.4 billion tax increase, largely for
education, health care and public safety.

According to a Blackburn release, Stosch also claimed to
have cut taxes 33 times as a senator. Blackburn replied that, “If you put a dime
in my left pocket and take a dollar out of my right pocket, that is a tax
increase. You must have to be a CPA to say that is a tax cut.”

and picking up on our own Senator Hanger:

Not only is Hanger a part of the cabal of “Republican” state senators that
votes for higher taxes any chance they get, but now he’s explicit when he states
he’d rather not listen to the people?
This guy’s out of touch.

Word 'on the street', is that Emmett is getting 'in touch with his inner grassroots', by hiring a marketing firm out of Richmond to call into our district, and solicit support. Their script is causing a stir however... stay tuned.
Campaign Fund Raising
Forwarding A Sayre Press Release
In regards to funds raised during the last reporting period, Emmett Hanger stated laws prevented him from raising funds during the legislative session. "I would think as soon as the session was over he would have returned to his home district to seek contributions from the folks who know him best," a spokesman for State Senate Candidate Scott Sayre said. Sayre is challenging Hanger in the June 12th Republican Primary in the 24th District.
Instead Hanger turned to his Richmond insiders for his contributions. "He had time to receive funds from them, just not from the individuals in his district."
Campaign reports show that 84% of the money Hanger raised came from outside his district, compared to 80% of Sayre's money coming from within the district. In fact, the Hanger campaign only had two individual contributors from the district and over 10 big money special interest groups from outside the district. By comparison, the Sayre campaign received no cash contributions from PACs or other special interest groups.
Contact John Darden:

New Signs

We got new ones up on 42 and 254 today. Take a drive by. Let me know if there are any locations that need a sign.

Wool Festival

Scott Sayre has a booth out at Cestari Farms on 250. Go say hello. Get some BBQ. They have Memphis and Carolina. Buy some great wool products. Take the kiddies for a hay ride.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Grassroots and Republican Leadership Support Scott Sayre

In majority numbers, the local Republican leadership will be supporting R. Scott Sayre in his run for the 24th District Senate seat in the June 12 Republican Primary.

The Augusta County Republican Executive Committee, including 24th District Republican Chairman Kurt Michael, will be holding a press conference on Wednesday, May 2, at 5pm at Sayre Enterprises' office in Fishersville (1707 on Rt. 250) to publicly endorse Scott Sayre. Joining the Executive Committee at the press conference will be key grassroots leaders from the 24th District.

The Executive Committee will address the audience and media, and will answer questions.

Scott Sayre will be in attendance and will speak afterwards.

More info at

Thursday, April 26, 2007

He Started It

Don’t tell me to stop making negative remarks about our rhetorically-challenged incumbent senator. He started it.

After all this talk I hear from the Sayre campaign about keeping this race positive and based upon facts and real solutions for our valley, Hanger goes off like a Dick Cheney shotgun.

What prompted it?

Hanger again accuses Scott Sayre’s supporters of being anti-tax, anti-government “extremists”; and he bashes the Republican grassroots which got him elected; and he insinuates that the Sayre campaign will be utilizing outside funds; and he throws potshots, like “I don’t need a consultant to tell ME how to think; and… Well, you know the rest.

And then, when the Sayre campaign says anything about Hanger’s record (the FACTs) they get accused of “negative campaigning”.

Hanger’s tax increases were the largest ever and were during a time of surplus --- “Oh, but that’s negative campaigning.”

Most of Hanger’s own money is from outside the 24th District --- “Oh, but that’s negative campaigning.”

Hanger supports raising the gas tax, giving illegals loopholes to get in-state tuition, and giving certain convicted felons back their voting rights --- “Oh, but that’s negative campaigning.”

As Charlie Brown would say, “Good grief!”

All I have to say is: He started it.

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

According to State Senator Emmet Hanger, via his radio ad (paraphrased), his opponent Scott Sayre is using big money from outside the 24th district to run a negative primary campaign.

I've previously posted on the campaign contributions of Scott Sayre and Emmett Hanger but would like to expand a bit further.

As D.J. McGuire points out, Emmett Hanger received a sizable contribution, $25,000, from Leadership for Virginia, a Panny Rhodes and Jim Hazel PAC. This PAC is non-partisan, and generously donates money to tax and spend Democrats and Republicans, including Brandon Bell (R), Chuck Caputo (D), Walter Stosch (R), and Henry Light (D).

In addition, of the $144,457 that Hanger has raised, ONLY $13,400 comes from his own district! That is a total of %9.2. Less than 10% of Emmet's contributions comes from his own constituents.

In contrast, Scott Sayre has raised $67,203. Where did his monies come from? With the exception of $5000, the contributions came from concerned constituents within the 24th district (source The difference--%92.6. Folks, the money Sayre received from outside his district is the almost the SAME percentage of the funds that Hanger raised from within. Does anyone else see this obvious disparity?

I must ask Senator Hanger, who is receiving the majority of contributions from outside the district? Because it certainly looks like you.

For more see the Dog.

Hanger's 1st order of business--go on the attack

It's official. Senator Hanger has gone mad.

At a press conference yesterday, State Senator Emmett Hanger announced his intent to run for re-election. Then he went on a rampage.

His victims? The very grassroots supporters who put him into office in the first place. Here's a few samplings of his tirade:

“I’ve gone to the community leaders because I think they’re more significant than the members of local parties who find themselves in offices at any particular point in time - because those are somewhat thankless jobs that we kind of hand over to anybody who says they want them,” Hanger said in an interview with The New Dominion.
In the above quote, Emmett is not only insulting local party leaders, but he is slighting his campaign manager, Vickie Parkinson as well. Mrs. Parkinson is the chair of the Augusta County Women's Republican group. I suppose she is thrilled that Emmett threw her a bone, as her work as a party chair is obviously insignificant in his eyes.

Oh and by the way, the work is quite thankless. See SWACGirl for a more on this, but I found this part of her post quite interesting:

Following are some of the electeds who are in public office ... and the volunteers who work to get them there ... and the salaries of each:

*RED - Volunteer
*BLUE - Emmett Hanger Supporter

Chairman Kurt Michael, Volunteer: $0.00
Augusta County Clerk of Court John B. Davis: $100,457

Vice Chairman Tom Nelson, Volunteer: $0.00
Vice Chairman Joyce Sikes, Volunteer: $0.00
Vice Chairman Lynn Mitchell, Volunteer: $0.00
Sheriff Randy Fisher: $89,901

Secretary Chris Green, Volunteer: $0.00
Commissioner of Revenue Jean Shrewsbury: $80,879

District Chair Steve Kijak, Volunteer: $0.00
Treasurer Rick Homes: $73,997

Chairman Anne Taetzsch, Volunteer: $0.00
Former Commissioner of Revenue Ray Ergenbright: $80,000 (approx.)

He continues,

" have people who have taken on these positions who have agendas, and they communicate a lot through the Internet, through blogs and that type of thing, and they are influenced significantly by these antitax groups, and they’ve had a tremendous influence on our party at the national level, and not in a positive way."

Oh where to begin. Previously he states that the grassroots are not that significant, then he counters by saying that the grassroots have a tremendous influence, but not in a positive way.

So which is it Senator, influence or no influence? And why the emphasis on anti-tax? How about those constituents who are quite concerned about your stance on illegal immigration (see previous post)?

Senator Hanger has already set the tone for his campaign. He is negative and insulting. He mocks the people who work so hard to promote Republican principles. And, he has broken Reagan's 11th Commandment.

I only shudder to think what's next!

Electeds: We Endorse Emmett & His Tax Increases!

An interesting, but not entirely unexpected development occurred today in Augusta County. Nearly the entire County Board of Supervisors and Constitutional Officers endorsed Senator Hanger's re-election to the 24th District Senate seat today over his challenger Scott Sayre.

I say this was not unexpected because over the course of 12 years elected politicians owe one another favors. What was unexpected was that they were joined by a Democrat Tracy Pyles who is the Pastures District Supervisor, and Nancy Sorrells, Riverheads District who likens herself an Independent. Nancy it can be assumed will also be endorsed by Senator Hanger in her race against Michael Shull, a Republican who was certified by our County Chairman to run against her. Looks like incumbent blood is thicker than party loyalty. More on that later!

Now what I also find not unexpected is that this is the exact same Board of Supervisors which accepted the 28% increase in Real Estate assessments last year, but did not decrease the county's tax rate one red cent, as required by state law to neutralize the increase in real estate assessments. This coming year according to all estimates the second year of that assessment will hit with at least another 28% increase (by all estimates that is low) for our taxpayers to further stomach.

Furthermore, by endorsement these same Board Members and Constitutional Officers also support Senator Hanger's vote to implement the largest tax increase in Virginia's history championed by Democrat Gov. Mark Warner. This sales tax increase bites every Virginian every year on all their purchases.

They also endorse Sen. Hanger's vote in 2006 on SB 708, which in my opinion was the 'Mother of All Painful Tax Increases'. This Senate bill increased:

  • The Motor vehicle sales and use tax on cars purchased by nearly 25%, (3% to 3.75%)

  • 5% Gasoline Sales Tax increase on fuel' at the Rack' (Wholesale gas tax increase) $2 = $.10 per gallon!

  • Increase vehicle registration tax for all motor vehicles by $10 per vehicle

  • Double Registration tax for all vehicles over 10,000 lbs Gross Vehicle Weight (the average for hire truck which delivers our store goods, rock, sand, gravel, etc from $1,200 annually to $2,400) A tax increase that will only be passed onto the consumer.

  • Triple Grantors Tax (paid by seller) on Real Estate transfers from $.10 to $.30 Example $100,000 home sale tax goes from $100 to $300.

  • Increase Abusive Driver fees (higher fines on traffic violations)
These tax increases are obviously all 'well and good' to each of these elected officials, and they obviously support them, along with Senator Hanger. They prefer another four years of Senator Hanger using his 'Seniority' to champion each and everyone of them to be sent to Gov. Kaine's Desk to be passed into law.

Fellow Republicans, I ask you this, Does this make you proud to be a Republican today? Oh, and BTW SWAC GIRL has a post that Grass Roots Republicans Statewide may have an interest in reading... It may just prove to give a good insight into the mindset of a lot of our elected officials opinions about their volunteers, and well, Here's Emmett Hangers words:

"I’ve gone to the community leaders [elected officials] because I think
they’re more significant than the members of local parties who find themselves in offices at any particular point in time - because those are somewhat thankless jobs that we kind of hand over to anybody who says they want them."

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Please define "special interest"

Emmett Hanger's new radio ad is getting some attention - but not the good kind.

SWAC Girl and Republitarian are bemused by Hanger's assertion that Scott Sayre is being financed by "special interests." So, yours truly did some research on Sayre's contributors. I found that Sayre has received $21,039 from corporations and PACs. Everything else came from individuals.

By contrast, Hanger has $25,000 from one political action committee: the Leadership for VA PAC, which as I noted earlier is a PAC specifically created to support tax-hiking Republicans across the Commonwealth.

In other words, Hanger has received more money from a pro-tax-increase PAC than Sayre has raised from all corporate and PAC entities combined.

Who's the "special interest" candidate again?

Hmm 2 Delegates endorse Senate Challenger

This post over as VCAP has 24th District Republicans wondering.. Can it happen here?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Greene County Tax Payers Welcome Sayre

Scott Sayre was in good company last night at the Greene County Taxpayers Association. About 35 people gathered last night to hear Mr Sayre lay out his vision for representing his constituents, and bring some new approaches & ideas to our General Assembly. Jerry Gore Republican Party member remarked that:

"I heard loud and clear that Sayre's goal is to bring real Fiscal Responsibility back to Richmond, & primarily back to our State Senate."

We have been hearing the argument that Sen. Emmett Hanger should be re-elected because of his seniority in the Senate. That all sounds well and good, but if staying with Seniority means consistently voting to raise taxes during times of surplus, finding ways to give in-state tuition to illegal aliens, stiff arming Del Saxman's school choice bill, and not making Public Safety a priority, then it's obvious that we need 'New Blood' in Richmond!

Surplus, Surplus Everywhere! But No Troopers...

For those of you who do not live in the 24th Senatorial District you may not be aware that it contains a very strategic Crossroads in our Commonwealth. Interstates I-81 and I-64 intersect here and it is a major conduit for illegal aliens & other criminals smuggling drugs such as Methamphetamines, Cocaine and Marijuana through out our region and to all points north, east and west.

The counties of Augusta, Rockingham and Nelson have had more than their share of these drug busts, and numerous Methamphetamine labs have been busted, and this is truly a huge regional problem. Del. Ben Cline has been trying to address this issue for four years running in the General Assembly by going down 'hat in hand' to get extra funding for over time for our State Troopers to help stem the tide of this trafficking and to improve highway safety along I-81.

The main problem it seems is that the 'Priority' of Public Safety has not been addressed, because per capita Augusta County alone is authorized 19 State Troopers, and the General Assembly only funds 14! This is truly outrageous, especially since the Commonwealth has been in surplus now for 3 years running. Unfortunately, we have not had the Leadership from our Senator Hanger to address this growing crisis, instead he has found a way to provide in-state tuition to illegal aliens!

Having those extra five troopers would eliminate the need to over work the ones we have, because obviously they would be rotated into the current patrols! These aren't problems that manifest themselves overnight, they are problems that display quite clearly a lack of Pro-active Leadership! It's time for a change in the 24th District, we need Scott Sayre as our Senator, who will make Public Safety a priority in the 24th District, and push to get us our Troopers!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Read the Letter

Hanger a Democrat Playing Republican

Wednesday's edition of The News Leader published an article regarding the primary challenge by Scott Sayre to incumbent state Sen. Emmett Hanger. Among other things, the article suggested that this challenge would tear apart the local Republican party opening the door for a Democrat to take the seat. Mr. Hanger also suggested that his vote for a huge tax increase in 2004 would help prevent an increase in property taxes. Have you seen your new property tax assessment? How did this work out for you? Are your property taxes going down? I don't think so. (Ironically, within weeks of the vote for the tax increase, ostensibly needed because of the coming terrible budget deficit, the state announced a huge budget surplus totally unrelated to the tax increase which hadn't yet taken effect.)

Members of my family and friends worked very hard to unseat Frank Nolen and elect Emmett Hanger in 1995. The centerpiece of this effort was Mr. Nolen's refusal to go along with then-Gov. Allen's tax cut.

Now we have Mr. Hanger betraying the people who supported him by crossing over and voting for the huge tax increase in 2004 virtually weeks after he had been re-elected using ads assuring us that he would not vote to raise taxes.

We don't need Republicans who vote like Democrats. Hanger pulled the same bait-and-switch in 1999. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I will be supporting and voting for Scott Sayre in the June Republican state senatorial primary. I urge others to do the same.



Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gov. Kaine takes Jeff Evans campaign seriously!

Alton over at I'm Not Emeril reports on the Jeff Evans vs. Sen. Roscoe Reynolds, this is great:

Oh, don't let me forget his one other reportable contribution since
January 1. Tim Kaine's Moving Virginia Leftward Forward PAC has shown him quite a bit of generosity. Senator Reynolds has 4 contributions this quarter, the
first three amounting to only $1500 and only one of those is from a constituent.
The Moving Virginia Leftward Forward contribution raises his quarterly total to

Amazingly Senator Reynolds has only 1... one reportable donation from inside his district... I guess that makes Senator Hanger's two donations look pretty good... This seems to me like a couple of Senators have gotten one heck of a ca-ca-case of "Richmonditis"!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

He is not allowed there.

He is not allowed there.

Worth viewing.

Friday, April 20, 2007

VCAP: Leadership For VA saves Hanger's Bacon!

VCAP has this post "Senator Hangers finance Report shows problems for his campaign" discussing the fact that Emmett has raised the vast majority of his $$ from Richmond, and could only claim two donors from the 24th District. It gets even more interesting though, check this quote out:

"Hanger’s weakness is certainly Sayre’s gain. Scott Sayre raised penny-for-penny against an entrench incumbent raising $67,202.95. Mind you that Scott Sayre would have beaten the pants off of Senator Hanger had it not been for the Leadership for Virginia PACdumping $25,000 into his campaign the day before the filing deadline to help him save face."

Wow! Can you believe that Scott Sayre would have out raised Sen Hanger, and with almost four times as many donors as Emmett? I can see why though, I ran into Scott last night and he had two fists full of mailers in his hand from his direct mail campaign. It seems that the little guy is for Sayre, he said one of his return letters had a personal note supporting Scott and enclosed 10 stamps. The person said, I don't have a lot to give, but I hope this helps! Scott said he will be using 9 of them, as he'll use one to send back a Thank You Note!

Help change the Culture of the Virginia Senate, invest your $$$ in a VCAP endorseed Candidate!
"What is a Barrel Shroud?"
Don't you think that a Representative should know what is in the laws they propose? The Representative from Long Island, NY does not have a clue. Why is a barrel shroud something that should be banned?For those of you who don't know. A shroud is just a cover on the barrel to disapate heat. I am sure it looks scary to some timid aide in Rep. McCarthy's office.

The good part of this clip, MSNBC's Tucker Carlson actually did his job properly, and exposed the Rep.

Take a look at Hotair.com

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hey, I remember those two!

Hazel and Rhodes? That takes me back . . .

Way back, to somewhere in the 1990's during my courtship with the woman who would become my first wife, and then dump me to run off with the wedding's best man . . .

Where was I? Oh yeah, Hazel and Rhodes.

Back in 1995, Jim Hazel's brother John (better known as "Til" - and the leading contributor to the PAC in question) led the fight against George Allen's tax reduction plan (which included ending the BPOL tax, temporarily imposed to help defray costs from the War of 1812). Jim himself was also "a Northern Virginia high-tech executive who worked as a lobbyist for Gov. Mark R. Warner" (Washington Post). As for "Penny" Rhodes (nice job, VPAP), she was such a thorn in the sides of Allen and Gilmore that the latter actually backed a conservative primary challenger against her in 1999.

I would also note that the PAC in question was formed specifically "to help defend the political fortunes of Republican state delegates who voted in favor of a tax increase during the extended 2004 General Assembly session" (Post).

Obviously, this Spotsylvania blogger isn't about to rip Hanger for getting out-of-Valley contributions. However, it is abundantly clear why Hanger got this money: he supported higher taxes in 2004 (vote) and in 2006 (vote). The high-tax lobby has made its preference clear, and chosen Hanger. I hope and expect the voters will respond accordingly, and choose Sayre.

Who is the Leadership For Virginia Committee?

As noted in the previous posts 24th District Senator Hanger received $68,250 in donations for this quarter. $25,000, or over 1/3rd of that total ( 36% to be exact) came from one Political PAC named Leadership For Virginia.

According to the VPAP summary:

Northern Virginia developer Jimmy Hazel and former Richmond Del. Panny
Rhodes lead efforts to raise money for Republican candidates who supported the
2004 sales tax increase.

Here are the contributers, not exactly Valley $$$

The FACTs Don't Lie

I did some serious digging.

Senator Hanger said he still has the support of the 24th District, except for some of the "extremists" who have taken over the Republican leadership. Well, how does Hanger prove that statement?

By raising money OUTSIDE of District 24???

Hanger apparently raised $68,250 this election year, not counting the $10,000 loan he got. Of that $68k, almost $60k came from outside the District!!!

The supposedly popular senator Hanger only received two individual donations from inside his own huge senatorial district. Only 2 individual donations! Is this the support Hanger has been talking about?

More than 3/4 of Hanger's money came from outside the district. But don't take my word for it.

The FACTs don't lie: Of senator Hanger's 28 donors, there were 10 PACs and 13 corporations. The PACs gave him $39,500, the corps. gave him $18,250.

I understand that every politician has friends who would give money to him, no matter where he is running. So let's take a look at Hanger's friends:

$42,250 came from Richmond.

Apparently that's where Hanger's friends are.

I can't wait to break down Scott Sayre's numbers. Apparently 80% of his cash donations come from inside the district in which he is running. And with no PAC contributions.

But Hanger... well, FACTs are FACTs. $59, 250 outside the 24th Senate District; $9,500 inside the District.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sayre Reports $67,000 for quarter

Scott Sayre has more than people just putting up signs, and wearing buttons, they are opening their wallets also. See this SBE link here for the details.

He also has $32,700 in the bank, and inquiries of the campagin said fund raising is a daily effort, and that as Scott goes around to speak to local businesses, the donations follow.
Senator Hanger during this time reported raising $68,450, and reports a total on hand of $117,563.
All in all, that doesn't look to bad for a challenger, it's not like we are in the high priced Media Markets of Richmond, NOVA or Tidewater. Out here it's 'shoe leather' politicking, not that the media buys won't be coming from both sides, but the 'word is on the street', Emmett has a serious challenge on his hands.... There will be another report due right before the primary, it will be interesting to see, that also!
Update: Check out all this PAC and Richmond $$$ that Incumbents enjoy, and challengers need to overcome.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sen. Hanger--raising taxes on citizens to pay for illegals
The senator told a nice story at the SWAC Breakfast at ROWE'S, but........
Originally posted by "In-Politically Correct"
I have one question for Senator Hanger--just who are you representing? Obviously not the voters in the 24th. Here's a prime example: SB 1204. On the surface it looks innocuous enough, saying that in-state tuition is prohibited for illegal immigrants. But when reading further you notice these caveats:"any person shall be eligible for in-state tuition who: (i) hasresided in Virginia while attending high school; (ii) has graduated from apublic or private high school in Virginia or has received a General EducationDevelopment (GED) certificate in Virginia; (iii) has resided in the Commonwealthfor at least three years on the date of high school graduation;(iv) has registered in an institution of higher education; (v) has provided an affidavitstating that he has filed an application to become a permanent resident of theUnited States and is actively pursuing such permanent residency or will do so assoon as he is eligible; and (vi) has submitted evidence that he or, in the caseof a dependent student, at least one parent, guardian, or person standing inloco parentis, filed, unless exempted by state law, Virginia income tax returnsfor at least three years prior to the date of enrollment."I notice that he puts in the bit about requiring them to pay state taxes for three years. But that won't even come close to covering the costs of a four year education. Illegal immigrants should not be rewarded financially for their illegal status. Illegal immigrants are openly breaking the law. They have no regard for the rules that govern our country. So why does Hanger want to reward them?Thankfully the House had enough sense to delete most of this nonsense. The bill as it stands now reads:"An alien who is unlawfully present in the United States, and thereforeineligible to establish domicile pursuant to § 23-7.4,shall not be eligible on the basis of residency within Virginia for anypostsecondary educational benefit, including in-state tuition, unless citizensor nationals of the United States are eligible for such benefits in no less anamount, duration, and scope, without regard to whether such citizens ornationals are Virginia residents."Hey Senator, I thought we had a transportation crisis--isn't that why you consistently vote to raise our taxes? Tell you what--let's save some money by NOT rewarding illegal behavior and put it towards this so-called crisis.

Sign Down

If you see a sign down
because of the wind or whatever in or around 81 in Augusta, send me a messge or post. I know one went down on 81 by exit 235. I can't get to it today. If you pass by Rt. 11 in Weyer's Cave, maybe you can put it back up.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another sign on I-81

Farmers like him too.

We put this one up on I-81. The cattle were on other side of field. The second we left, they came to investigate. They MOOOOED their approval.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's official Most 4x8's ever in Augusta County!

The Sayre campaign for VA's 24th Senate seat turned in an interesting side note today. We now have in place more 4x8' signs than we ever had up during the 04' Bush, 05' Kilgore, or 06' Allen campaigns! What is even better is that we still have scores of sign locations and 4x8's to put up... This coupled with the yard signs on residential streets is really 'cranking up' the name recognition.

I verified this with RightsideVA, who would know. The big difference is the New Volunteers that have come forward to help Scott Sayre win this Senate Seat! We have Five(5) new locations on I-64 & 81, which are just the product of hard, shoe leather campaigning! Hat's off to Yankee Philip, who has played a big role in getting them up!

As SWAC GIRL posted, we had a full day of politiking in two counties today. Both HQ's were humming with putting together yard signs, phone banking, and other administrative goodies... I hear we have a really great $$$# to be announced also... Which is a big plus!
This campaign just really feels good, and Scott picked up some really serious 'talent' in a great veteran from over Charlottesville Way, who knows the ropes of campaigning, and in this district in particular.

Humorous Quote of the Day...

"The difference between death and taxes is death doesn't get worse every time Congress meets."
- Will Rogers, American humorist (1879 - 1935)

...Or maybe not so humorous around here in the 24th. It hits a little too close to home. I wonder when we will elect a representative who will help ease the spending pain... Maybe on June 12?

Friday, April 13, 2007

The un-Constitutional FACTs

Stewardship should not only be a primary responsibility of government, it should be a general principle which spans party lines. But Virginia’s current government has thrown the principle of stewardship in the wastebasket.

Our Commonwealth’s Constitution clearly states: "No other or greater amount of tax or revenues shall, at any time, be levied than may be required for the necessary expenses of the government, or to pay the indebtedness of the Commonwealth."

Yet listen to American for Prosperity’s legislative report from February: “While Senate Finance approved $14.7 million in earmarks, House Appropriations approved a staggering $22.5 million in earmark projects. Both of these amounts are in excess of the nearly $37 million in pork-barrel earmarks approved last year.... Over the past decade, already over $200 million in taxpayer dollars has been spent on these pork-barrel earmarks for non-state agencies.”

This is why our taxes keep going up! Not because our government “needs” more revenues, but because our government is SPENDING more revenues. I am frustrated with this out-of-control budget, but excited that there is an alternative.

R. Scott Sayre, a new candidate for Senate in our district, has signed the America’s for Tax Reform’s “Taxpayer Protection Pledge,” a direct commitment to the taxpayers of our district that taxes do not need to be raised in order to balance our budget. The ’04 tax increases were imposed upon us during a time of a surplus, and then generated a new $1.3 billion surplus, but where has that gotten us? Where are the road improvements, the education improvements, the law enforcement improvements?

New taxes are not the answer, and are certainly not “reform”. The answer is prioritized spending, cutting unnecessary spending, and obeying the Virginia Constitution. The answer is Scott Sayre’s answer: “No new taxes.” We can run a budget on the same principle that we run a budget in our homes and businesses: Stewardship.
[Please copy the above and send it to your local paper! People need to know the FACTs]

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Location, Location, Location!

That is the common Mantra of Realtors! You have to be at the right place at the right time, and in a campaign to unseat a three term Senator you have to get your name out to the public!

How about this location near the entrance to Shenandoah Harley Davidson! Ahhh, the weather will break in a week or so, and the Harley Lovers will be cruising up to their favorite dealership in the Shenandoah Valley... and they'll be seeing who they need to vote for...

A business owner in Waynesboro provided this great location in on Rt 250. You know, the business community is excited about Scott Sayre's candidacy for the 24th! I think it has a lot to do with not voting to triple the Grantors TAX from .10 to .30 per hundred, not placing a 5% TAX on the wholesale price of gasoline, and not doubling the registration TAX on vehicles with a gross weight of 10,000 lbs or more!

It all about small business, the job growth engine in America!

I am new to this. Check out this link for the NEWSVIRGINIAN. It is the latest "Letter to the Editor" about Scott's Pledge.

Sayre Visits with local Marine Corps League

Scott Sayre was invited to the Stonewall Detachment of the Marine Corps League here in Staunton Wednesday night. Mr Sayre related to the Detachment his time in Heidelberg Germany as a young Lieutenant tasked with protecting our Generals and other staff officers, who were targeted by communist terrorist groups in the early 80's. Mr Sayre commented:

"Much like you guys, I can relate to having a M-16 strapped across my back in the middle of the night, wondering who was going to try and kill me and thepersonnel we were assigned to protect".

He outlined his plans for representing the 24th district, and enjoyed a lively question and answer period with the Marines in the League! Mr Sayre was complimented & Thanked for his speech at the Support the Troops Rally on the Augusta County Court House this past month.
Scott is really everywhere campaigning its really impressive to watch! Phone banking has already started, along with the direct mailing! The campaign is humming right along...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jeff Evans Web Site Live!

Alton of I'm Not Emeril has done an awesome job with the Jeff Evan's for Senate Web Site!
Alton's post here on "Why Jeff Evans Must Win" is great; an excerpt:
Jeff Evans offers a different way forward. Not only does he clearly understand that "business as usual" means fewer jobs, more vacant storefronts, and communities in jeopardy, he knows how to move Southside forward. Those things that make us strong, our faith, our values, and our eagerness to roll up our sleeves and get to work only need government to get out of the way in order to allow our creativity and dedication to develop the means for transforming our communities and our economy. Listening to Jeff, you can't help but be infected with his powerful optimism in the ability for ordinary citizens to collectively make the difference that government so typically frustrates. He's done a tremendous job as Supervisor in Carroll County, and is ready to take his passion and determination to the Senate where we've rarely gotten anything of value under Roscoe Reynolds.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Campaign "Ploy"?...


There is a story in the Harrisonburg “Daily News Record” about Scott Sayre signing the pledge not to raise taxes if elected to the 24th District Senate seat. This issue has been reported several times by the local press and has become commonplace for Conservative Republicans to sign this pledge. I don’t know of a Democrat that has signed this pledge but that pretty much tells you of the main plank to that party’s platform and I don’t expect a “Pledge” from that party anytime soon…

It is interesting to see the comments coming out about this pledge and even from within the local Republican candidates. Sayre has stated: "Taxes are a necessary part of funding for the core services we desire from our government, including public safety," Sayre said in a statement released to the news media. But "higher taxes," Sayre said on Thursday, "don’t mean better government."

It is good to hear somebody say that more, or bigger government, is not always a better thing. Sayre has pointed out that the “Virginia Budget has doubled over the past ten years” but that does not mean they are doing a better job then as before…

The budget has been allowed to grow because of increased tax revenues coming into the Virginia treasury from a strong economy. A State budget that has doubled over a ten year period has come from weak politicians, some from the GOP side, who could not resist spending more of our money. Even with a growing economy recovering from the Clinton recession, the Virginia elected allowed Democratic Governor Mark Warner to push thru a raise in taxes on the Virginia workers. This resulted in a surplus that grew to more then $1 Billion that the Virginia elected could not even agree on how to spend for they have so many “Pet” projects to fund…

Bigger is Better???

Unfortunately not all from the “Rightside” see this the same way.
G.O.P. Senator Hanger said: "It sounds good on the surface," Hanger said of the pledge. "A lot of well-intentioned people have signed it. It’s more or less a campaign ploy right now and people understand that."

Campaign Ploy?

What does it say about a government that has doubled it’s budget over a ten year period and still wants more of your money? The recent Bush tax cuts allowed us to keep more of our earned money to spend as we saw best and that resulted in increased investment and a very strong economy. This strong economy resulted in much more tax revenue coming into all states treasuries and thus allowed runaway politicians to spend more of our tax money. And yet they claim they need to raise our taxes even more for their programs. In doubling the Virginia budget over the past ten years you are telling us there is no waste or inefficient programs that need to be cut before wanting to raise our taxes again?

Most Virginia taxpayers run their households on a budget and have learned to cut waste where possible to use that money in more productive and efficient programs. Maybe our State government could use a “Budget” like we all use and responsible representatives who look to use “Our” money the best way possible.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Sayre Petition Signatures In

Scott Sayre turned in almost three times the amount of signatures necessary to run on the Republican ticket today to the 24th Legislative District Chair. What's the real significance of this you may ask? That will place him first on the ballot for the upcoming June 12th primary with incumbent Senator Hanger.

That is a real plus for a challenger, as he builds name recognition, and voters don't just see the familiar name of the incumbent and vote for him instead of the challenger. This is also a good sign of the 'ground game' that Sayre has in place to get those signatures, and get them in earlier than the Man he is trying to unseat. Also, it shows his campaign is focused and achieving/doing the small things right that trip up political novices seeking to unseat 3 term incumbents.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Sayre: Out Pressing the Flesh!

Scott Sayre had a great day out on the campaign trail this blustery Saturday! He hit Martins, Wal-Mart & Home Depot getting signatures, and meeting voters. Valuable Name Recognition, and just good ol' fashioned politicing... Scott will be out again tomorrow in the district gathering signatures and engaging the public.

This campaign is also picking up new volunteers we wished we had back in the Kilgore/Bolling/McDonnell days.. A great asset to our SWAC Political machine is awesome candidates like Sayre who really help bring 'new blood' into the party. It's not just the same old 'crew' working the signs, talking to voters, and gathering signatures!

I think during the Allen campaign, we all had a let down.. no new Volunteers really showed up at the door. It didn't have the excitement of the 04' Bush campaign. The 04' campaign is where SWAC really took off when the Augusta County Chairman began to whip our county into shape, and reached out to Staunton and Waynesboro to coordinate our campaigns... We held two golf tournaments, with the second one incorporating a dinner debate party (second debate).

I feel that same excitement in this campaign, the announced retirements of Sen's Potts and Chichester has really got us grass roots folks fired up about bringing real change to the VA General Assembly. We all sat around frustrated since the 04' Warner tax increase where 'Our' Senators sided with a Democrat Governor and raised taxes during a time of surplus! The following year, more of the same with Kaine coming in...

The grass roots volunteers were embarrassed for our House of Delegates members, who could only shake their heads and say, "We can't do anything with the Senate, it's only new & higher taxes!" Now we have a chance to do something postive for the Party, and change the 'Culture' of the Senate, starting with our own 24th District!

It has the excitement of the old Allen Campaigns for Governor and his first Senate run, where we won awesome victories over Sen. Robb, and defeated Mary Sue Terry! Those were campaigns about issues, not just empty rhetoric, this campaign is for the 'Heart & Soul' of Conservative politics in the most solid Republican District in Virginia!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign!

Looks like the first graffiti incident has occurred in the campaign, undoubtedly the work of 'juevi's' and not 'rogue' elements ..
but the Name Recognition campaign marches on in the City of Waynesboro... Once a sleepy little area of SWAC is waking up and Shouting, "We look forward to the Primary, June 12th"!

Two new locations, we never had before, gotta Love it!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Sayre Sign Campaign Rolls On!

Name Recognition, Name Recognition, Name Recognition.... That's what it takes for a new comer to politics to beat a three term incumbent... The blogs reach the decision makers and on-line political junkies, but signs, especially big Red 4' x 8' signs reach the electorate.

Signs raise the consciousness of the motorist, and make you ask someone, what are those signs up for? Who is that guy? What is he/she running for?

The Sign machine is in full swing in Augusta County, and the beauty is we are 'scoring' locations we never had during the "W", Kilgore, or Allen Campaigns... people are just coming out of the wood work with them.... As a matter of fact we haven't had time to get to our old locations because of the new ones!

Alot of this has to do with Scott Sayre's deep roots in Augusta, Rockbridge and Highland Counties. He has family all over, He grew up in the City of Waynesboro (sleepiest part of SWAC Machine), a successful business in Rockbridge, and has owned land in Highland for over a decade.

All and all, we like to think we put up more signs per capita of any unit in the state, but we have never had penetration like this before into the hinterlands of the County.. Which is the second largest county in Virginia in land mass. It is also really exciting to co-operate with other counties, which never really happened in the aforementioned campaigns... (we usually scarfed their signs, because of stingy campaigns, and are damn proud of it!)

Which really goes to show you that, well... I'll let you political types think about that...

I can't vote for him; so I'll blog for him

Greeting from Spotsylvania County, halfway between Richmond and Washington, DC.

Some of you might wonder what a Fredericksburg area blogger is doing over here. After all, the 24th is not my district. However, such thinking would be shortsighted. Emmett Hanger may not represent me (lots of folks in the 24th would say he doesn't represent them either, but I digress), but he certainly raised my taxes in 2004, and has repeatedly made clear he'd raise them again. So while I do not vote in the 24th District, I certainly have an interest in the outcome of this primary. That's why I support Scott Sayre from afar.

That said, as a non-Valley resident, I am truly and deeply honored to be a part of this blog. This is a statewide battle we face within the Republican Party between those of us who believe in limited government and those - like Hanger - who do not. We had a similar donnybrook two years ago in my House of Delegates district (the 54th), and came up just short. I'm confident in a different outcome in the 24th, and I'm more than happy to do what I can to help bring it about.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Another Blogger For Sayre

Greetings. I am Carl Kilo and I was invited to blog here for Scott Sayre. I live in Wise County. I do not live in Scott Sayre's district so you may ask why a blogger from Wise is blogging here. I am a staunch supporter of conservative anti tax candidates. You can visit my blog to find out more about me.
I am supporting Scott Sayre because Emmet Hanger has let his district down. He has supported tax increases and big government with his votes. That not only hurts his district, but it hurts my district as well. Hanger campaigned one way and has voted another. He has not kept his promises and it is time for a change. Scott Sayre has been endorsed by VCAP. He has signed the Anti Tax pledge that Hanger has refused to sign since 2003. I believe Sayre is the best man for your district and for the state.
Show Scott Sayre some support and contribute if you can.

Hanger: In State Tuition for Illegals?

Elle has this post "Sen. Hanger raising Taxes on Citizens to pay for illegals", which describes how SB1204 is crafted to allow illegal aliens to get in state tuition at our colleges. An excerpt:

I notice that he puts in the bit about requiring them to pay state taxes for three years. But that won't even come close to covering the costs of a four year education. Illegal immigrants should not be rewarded financially for their illegal status. Illegal immigrants are openly breaking the law. They have no regard for the rules that govern our country. So why does Hanger want to reward them?

That's like giving a tax break to illegals if you want to look at it that way. He is lessening their cost of going to college, while voting to increase the tax burden on the Citizens of the Commonwealth, to help pay for it.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Landmark Location...

Wright’s Dairy-Rite in Staunton Va. Has become a favorite gathering spot for many years to many locals and Staunton visitors.

Many generations have come to this Drive-in and it has also become a frequent stop on the campaign trail for many area politicians and their staff.