Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

According to State Senator Emmet Hanger, via his radio ad (paraphrased), his opponent Scott Sayre is using big money from outside the 24th district to run a negative primary campaign.

I've previously posted on the campaign contributions of Scott Sayre and Emmett Hanger but would like to expand a bit further.

As D.J. McGuire points out, Emmett Hanger received a sizable contribution, $25,000, from Leadership for Virginia, a Panny Rhodes and Jim Hazel PAC. This PAC is non-partisan, and generously donates money to tax and spend Democrats and Republicans, including Brandon Bell (R), Chuck Caputo (D), Walter Stosch (R), and Henry Light (D).

In addition, of the $144,457 that Hanger has raised, ONLY $13,400 comes from his own district! That is a total of %9.2. Less than 10% of Emmet's contributions comes from his own constituents.

In contrast, Scott Sayre has raised $67,203. Where did his monies come from? With the exception of $5000, the contributions came from concerned constituents within the 24th district (source The difference--%92.6. Folks, the money Sayre received from outside his district is the almost the SAME percentage of the funds that Hanger raised from within. Does anyone else see this obvious disparity?

I must ask Senator Hanger, who is receiving the majority of contributions from outside the district? Because it certainly looks like you.

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