Thursday, April 26, 2007

Electeds: We Endorse Emmett & His Tax Increases!

An interesting, but not entirely unexpected development occurred today in Augusta County. Nearly the entire County Board of Supervisors and Constitutional Officers endorsed Senator Hanger's re-election to the 24th District Senate seat today over his challenger Scott Sayre.

I say this was not unexpected because over the course of 12 years elected politicians owe one another favors. What was unexpected was that they were joined by a Democrat Tracy Pyles who is the Pastures District Supervisor, and Nancy Sorrells, Riverheads District who likens herself an Independent. Nancy it can be assumed will also be endorsed by Senator Hanger in her race against Michael Shull, a Republican who was certified by our County Chairman to run against her. Looks like incumbent blood is thicker than party loyalty. More on that later!

Now what I also find not unexpected is that this is the exact same Board of Supervisors which accepted the 28% increase in Real Estate assessments last year, but did not decrease the county's tax rate one red cent, as required by state law to neutralize the increase in real estate assessments. This coming year according to all estimates the second year of that assessment will hit with at least another 28% increase (by all estimates that is low) for our taxpayers to further stomach.

Furthermore, by endorsement these same Board Members and Constitutional Officers also support Senator Hanger's vote to implement the largest tax increase in Virginia's history championed by Democrat Gov. Mark Warner. This sales tax increase bites every Virginian every year on all their purchases.

They also endorse Sen. Hanger's vote in 2006 on SB 708, which in my opinion was the 'Mother of All Painful Tax Increases'. This Senate bill increased:

  • The Motor vehicle sales and use tax on cars purchased by nearly 25%, (3% to 3.75%)

  • 5% Gasoline Sales Tax increase on fuel' at the Rack' (Wholesale gas tax increase) $2 = $.10 per gallon!

  • Increase vehicle registration tax for all motor vehicles by $10 per vehicle

  • Double Registration tax for all vehicles over 10,000 lbs Gross Vehicle Weight (the average for hire truck which delivers our store goods, rock, sand, gravel, etc from $1,200 annually to $2,400) A tax increase that will only be passed onto the consumer.

  • Triple Grantors Tax (paid by seller) on Real Estate transfers from $.10 to $.30 Example $100,000 home sale tax goes from $100 to $300.

  • Increase Abusive Driver fees (higher fines on traffic violations)
These tax increases are obviously all 'well and good' to each of these elected officials, and they obviously support them, along with Senator Hanger. They prefer another four years of Senator Hanger using his 'Seniority' to champion each and everyone of them to be sent to Gov. Kaine's Desk to be passed into law.

Fellow Republicans, I ask you this, Does this make you proud to be a Republican today? Oh, and BTW SWAC GIRL has a post that Grass Roots Republicans Statewide may have an interest in reading... It may just prove to give a good insight into the mindset of a lot of our elected officials opinions about their volunteers, and well, Here's Emmett Hangers words:

"I’ve gone to the community leaders [elected officials] because I think
they’re more significant than the members of local parties who find themselves in offices at any particular point in time - because those are somewhat thankless jobs that we kind of hand over to anybody who says they want them."


Blogger SWAC Girl said...

Great research, Chris.

It's the facts that are going to win this campaign ... and we will continue to get them out to the community.

After all, Emmett says we're "anti-tax, anti-government extremists." If that's so, the label fits most of the 24th District voters!

We're only "extremists" because we are going up against him and his fellow electeds so, since they support him, they must consider us "extremists," too. No room under that "big tent" of theirs for anyone who disagrees with big-government, big-spending bureaucrats, I see....

Keep up the good work!

April 26, 2007 at 5:24 AM  
Anonymous Johnny Fontane said...

How does Chris Saxman, Steve Landes, Ben Cline, and Rob Bell feel about being called anti-government and anti-tax extremists?

Last time I checked they were hardworking Republicans who stood for fiscal responsibility, namely not raising taxes when there is a surplus, as well as standing for personal liberty and personal responsibility.

All Republicans need to hold Mr. Hanger accountable for these aggregious remarks and his irresponsible voting record.

April 26, 2007 at 6:39 AM  
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