Monday, June 4, 2007

RK calls the Kettle Black

This is a hoot-- Get RK today who just discovered the race in the 24th:

You know, I was actually reminiscing with someone the other day about how Chad Dotson's old Commonweatlh Conservative - not my favorite blog, to put it mildly - in hindsight seems tame, erudite, reasonable, civilized, and downright moderate compared to the frothing-at-the-mouth ravings of today's "breed" of far-far-far-FAR right wing bloggers.

Frothing at the Mouth? How about this from a Blogger4Hanger (third from top):

Scott had promised to appear, by Monday, on the VCAP blog. A blog which has already endorsed Mr. S(c)arye(d).
Really. This man will need to learn how to run a tight schedule and a computer.
What a candidate!!!!!
Will he show tonight to give Dean a hand job? One never knows…….

Well now, isn't that special....

I guess the second point to make here is exactly what does RK consider themselves? The 'sensible center'? Seems they harbor a grudge against us SWAC Bloggers... and the fact that we have lined up a total of 18 bloggers supporting the candidacy of Scott Sayre. That fact in itself is unprecedented in the VA Blogosphere....

I was wondering when the whining would start.. Look at em' Those Mean ol' Nasty Republicans have organized! Quick, we need to call them names! Quick, attack on the speculation that actual Party Leaders may be blogging! What a joke, I thought blogging was actually something we wanted all Leaders to do? You know take a stand?
Whatever RK...


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