Monday, June 4, 2007

The view from outside

Jerry Fuhrman (From on High) paid a visit to the 24th (something that, I must confess, I've been unable to do), and gives his take on the race. Here's the meat of the post (emphasis in original):

The reason Hanger has become a target for conservatives is because, over the years, he has adopted the political viewpoints of the despised enemy, liberal Democrats, having voted for tax increases to fix an overstated "education crisis" in 2004 and a mythical "transportation crisis" in 2006.

His penchant for looking the other way at the rising problem with illegal immigration (he even proposed that we offer conditional breaks on in-state college tuition to illegals) has turned much of his constituency off as well.

So Hanger is in the fight of his life. And has resorted to appealing to Democrats to save him in the
upcoming primary, where they are allowed to cross over and vote a Republican ballot.* That speaks volumes.

Those hundreds of yard signs speak to us as well. Even with liberal Democrat support, expect Hanger to be sent packing next week.

And good riddance. If we wanted a Democrat, we'd vote for a Democrat.


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