Thursday, June 14, 2007

Virginia's Revolt, Not a Revolution - Yet

In Feudal Europe the peasants would rise up, occasionally, against particularly oppressive lords. After a bit of looting, killing and drunken revelry the 'Jacquerie' would be suppressed by all the neighboring lords with a fair measure of atrocities to send the proper message. Keep your place, Peasants. Your pitchforks are no match for our armed, heavy horsemen.

In our fertile, but as yet, futile Virginia the peasants are rising here and there. It's not clear if their efforts will be as ephemeral as a Jacquerie or more like the 1775 rising for the Rights of Englishmen in America.

The difference between the losing and the winning among Hanger, Stosch, Bell and Williams is very local and idiosyncratic.

I was intimately involved in the Stall win (Full Disclosure) - 1st Senate District - my home district. I was in contact with fellow peasants in other races.

Working the polls in Poquoson (our town went 59:41 for Stall with 12% voting in a party primary), I heard five people say variations of this:

The politicians, both Republican and Democrat, think we are stupid. We aren't. We will show them here at the polls.

Other comments were about how many times we have to vote 'No' for an elected official to get the message - and not cram unelected, unaccountable Regional Government down our throats.

What is wrong when a politician will spend over a half million dollars to keep his job? Who is getting paid off? Etc.

Since Tuesday afternoon, I've heard the same sentiments from voters in Newport News, York, and Hampton. The Democrats on the Hampton City Council may have gotten the message. Last night they voted unanimously against the Transportation Tax Panic - Regional Government.

There is a palatable sense of betrayal held by many common folk for elected officials, former elected officials and party officials who support incumbents who betray campaign promises and party creeds to raise taxes and expand government. There is genuine disgust with reflexive Republicans - those Republicans who would support - name your villain - no matter what they do in office as long as they were once elected as Republicans.

The resentment caused by poor management of the Iraq War and, way more, with the Illegal Alien Shamnesty Bill is great and growing.

Lest I give the wrong connotation - this isn't a vote of angry people whose ire will blow over after a relaxing summer.

It is a thoughtful vote of people who are grateful for a choice in a candidate who reflects their opinions. It is a fatigue with big government, tax and spend, tin ear politicians who won't enforce the laws on the books - the Rule of Law - let alone their campaign promises. It is an energy from people who are Patriots in every sense of the word - so many have military experience or serving family members now. It is a growing determination to do what is necessary - walk away from a major political party that once held their hopes and aspirations or any candidate - who won't do what is fundamentally necessary to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States and the Commonwealth of Virginia - in absolute service to The People - not the special interests, the money donors, the circular flow of privilege and wealth that is Virginia's way to do political corruption.

Pundits can dismiss this little primary as they like. They didn't look the voters in the eyes. They didn't hear their voices. They didn't feel the grip of their handshake and hugs.

We beat a 12 year incumbent who outspent Tricia Stall over 10:1. Isn't money supposed to define who wins or loses? Besides, this is Tidewater where politicians are elected for life - from either party.

I don't think this is just a Jacquerie in Virginia. If Illegal Alien Shamnesty passes in Washington - we may sense, emotionally, of what it was like after the Boston Massacre and the Tea Party and the wooden bridge at Concord all built upon one another - to where the government has broken its trust with The People. The difference is all of the political fighting will be with ballots, not bayonets.

And, perhaps, as we did on The Peninsula - The People will speak clearly.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Battle in the 24th: The Delegate Factor

It's time to discuss Delegates Landes, Saxman, Cline and the race in the 24th. Personally I like the way all three vote. Conservative on all fronts, and especially taxes. As Scott Sayre pointed in the recent debate with Hanger, all three have signed the VCAP 'No New Taxes Pledge", and have voted against Hanger's 04' tax increase, and his subsequent tax packages in 05' and 06'. The only person 'out of step' around our district is Hanger period, on taxes.

Del. Landes finally declared for Hanger last week, by himself.. No Saxman or Cline in attendance. What does this tell you? He owed his allegiance to Hanger for past favors, and they share family in staffing, so no surprise there. I will say this for Del. Landes, 'At least he took a stand'. His late endorsement really speaks more for Sayre than it does for Hanger, so he isn't seen as disfavorably with the local grass roots, although we obviously wished he would have stayed neutral altogether, or endorsed as he really votes in the General Assembly.

On to Del. Saxman. He and Emmett have always had conflicting interests. Both have state wide ambitions, as Emmett had a failed LG run in 05', and Saxman is always the talk of a McDonnell-Saxman-Connaughton ticket in 09'. Saxman has consistently voted and advocated for lower taxes along with reigning in the 'run away spending' in our Commonwealth's budget. This sits real well with us 'extremist' grass roots types, because that means he is 'one of us'. What isn't sitting well is that he is not coming out in support of Scott Sayre, because he would be a 'huge' factor, and probably would drive the last nails in Emmett's coffin, in this race.

Now, Saxman is obviously playing it the same way VA General Assembly Speaker Howell, and House Majority Leader Griffith see this race. They came out in support of Hanger, which is a win-win for them, as they probably see this. Both of them would probably Love to see Sayre win, because they have been fighting Potts/Chichester/Hanger since 04' to try and keep a lid on taxes and spending. Should Hanger prevail in this contest, they at least are in Hanger's and the 'Senate Leadership's 'Good Graces' for publicly supporting them.

These two do not have to face any of the 24th's voters, or backlash for standing with Hanger, since we can not vote them out of office. Saxman on the other hand doesn't have this luxury. Saxman will be seen as not standing by his principles (as per his voting record) by not endorsing Sayre. The big factor here is Saxman not completely alienating either the Hanger or Sayre voters, and he can still raise $$ from both camps and smile a lot while hoping for their votes in his base district, as he readies his state wide ambitions.

Saxman still doesn't look good with his grass roots supporters who have pounded his signs, worked the polls for him, etc. since he was first elected. WE have put it all on the line, plus Leadership was expected... and I'll leave it at that.

Del. Cline, has the unenviable position of having the least seniority of the three, and can receive the most damage from the Speaker and House Majority Leader for appearing to 'buck' both of them, with an endorsement of Sayre. Philosophically, Cline is completely in line with Sayre on taxes and spending. His 'Yellow Pages' Bill meets the same fate as Saxman's 'School Choice' in Senate Finance... Doesn't see the light of day, because well, you see the 'Senate Leadership' could obviously not give a 'rip' about spending and taxes, because well, they are all about raising taxes and spending.

Ben also has the problem of a one David Beyeler, who is Augusta County Supervisor and Hanger supporter who holds some sway in Ben's Augusta County precincts. Think that conversation has come up between the two? Never mind that David Beyeler is also philosophically in line with Sayre also on Spending and taxes, but hey, He has been buddies with Hanger forever. Can you say 'Good ol' Boy' network? My favorite conversation with Beyeler is reminding him that by endorsing Hanger, he also endorses a 5% wholesale gasoline tax, increasing the tax on new and used vehicles by 25%, tripling the Grantors tax, etc. etc. How about giving in-state tuition to illegal immigrants, and remember the Big Un' in 04'? The voters do.

Mr. Beyeler also is part of the same Board of Supervisors that gave our County a big fat, 28% increase in our Real Estate Assessments, and didn't see fit to drop the rate one, red, cent. I have enjoyed going door-to-door in his district for the past two weeks.... Think that subject comes up? Can you say 'Power of the Grass Roots'? Many a Sayre sign has gotten planted in the South River district, just on the basis of Beyeler's endorsement of Hanger.

Hey, isn't it Hanger that says "I'm raising taxes in Richmond, so the localities don't have to raise your local Real Estate Taxes?

In conclusion, all politics is local isn't it? The people are interested in Leadership... and the only Leadership alternative is Scott Sayre for Senate.... This whole thing plays out next Tuesday, and I for one am hoping for new Leadership, but what will the voters say? Five days to go.
(I wrote this on June 8th, 2007, and didn't publish it for fear we might lose what little support we had from our Delegates at that point. The reason I am publishing it now is because I think it is very relevent to the outcome and analysis of this campaign.)

Sunday, June 10, 2007


As a point of information. You can spin it as you wish. I suppose that we could argue all day about what Sen.Hanger's immigration bill does or does not do. We might never come to a conclusuion. Maybe we should look at what the illegal immigrants think. I can't take credit for finding this. It was posted in a comment section . Read here for yourself the whole article by Deepak Bhargava of New America Media said in a commentary about "Undocumented Students." He specifically cites Sen.Hanger and his bill.
"The bill was introduced by Emmett W. Hanger, a Republican and longtime opponent of college education for undocumented students. After presiding over naturalization ceremonies and seeing these new citizens swear their loyalty after years of effort and toil, Mr. Hanger had a change of heart. "
I guess the "Undocumented students" know what it means to them?

Yankee Philip

What a fantastic weekend!

We are in the home stretch of this campaign and Scott Sayre is doing a terrific job! We spent Friday night at Bruce and Ruth Grover's home, munching on goodies and listening to the music of Bob Campbell.

Saturday went off like gangbusters with 6 teams in the field in SWAC knocking on doors and cultivating votes. Has anyone noticed all of the Sayre signs popping up like flowers? It is a beautiful site!

These are the final days. Once again, I know that I chose the right candidate to work for. I am proud of Scott Sayre and his campaign. The race never should have gotten this close, but it was through the hard work and dedication of Scott Sayre and his grassroots that it did.

It is time for change and Scott Sayre is the right man for the job!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Who is negative?
Negative is defined as hostile or disparaging; malicious. The Bloggers4Sayre were not. We presented the facts. We did spotlight where the two candidates disagreed. We let people know about the tax increase. We let people know about illegal aliens. We let people know about the gas tax. I let people know about how Sen.Hanger has a thing for our septic systems. We let the people know which candidate was blurring the definition of a Republican.
There was a lot of sarcasm. There was a lot of humor. There were no hostile or malicious comments. The name calling and threats did not come from the Sayre supporters. The name calling didn't just come from the Senator's supporters either. The only time any of the Sayre people seem anyway negative is in defense, in responding to belligerant behavior.

"Where is the fence???"

Click pic for video

Sen.Hanger has a bill that will allow in-state tuition for illegal aliens. Scott Sayre is opposed to taking our tax dollars from our children and giving it to people who entered our country illegally. See In-Politically Correct's posting of May 22,2007

One solution is being offered by the people at
You also have the Minutemen
See my page here

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Our country was founded with the idea of common sense. Scott has made common sense a cornerstone of his campaign. He has derided Richmond for putting to many obstacles in the way of businesses. Regulations cost money. The Small business Administration has written a study on the impact of litigation on small businesses. You can read it here. Scott's goal is to minimize the barriers to business growth, and to protect the consumer.

HOME DEPOT isn’t using common sense today. Click here for more info from my page