Monday, March 26, 2007

Welcome To Bloggers 4 Sayre

Scott Sayre is running for the 24th Senatorial District in the VA General Assembly. Mr. Sayre is a 24th District Native, an eleven year Army Veteran, and self -made businessman.
In his words:
I have deep roots in the 24th District. I was born and raised in Waynesboro and graduated from Waynesboro High School. I went on to graduate from VMI. My wife Mary and I have sent our two kids through public schools – both are graduates of Rockbridge County High School.I’ve spent my life building a local business right here in the Valley. I started Sayre Enterprises 20 years ago in a garage with one product and one employee. Today we have 117 employees across the region.I understand the values of this district because I’ve lived them. And public service is not new to me. Whether serving in the United States Army, as deacon at my church, or as a Boy Scout Master, it has been an integral part of my life.I’m looking forward to working for the people of the 24th District in the State Senate. With your support, I will bring my values – and the values of our district – with me.I’m asking for your prayers, hard work, support – but most importantly – your vote.I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.
This blog is completely, UNOFFICIAL, and the work of it's contributors consisting of their own own opinion, and reporting from the campaign trail. We look forward to a great campaign of issues and ideas, and seeing how Mr. Sayre's positions stack up to Senator Emmett Hanger's voting record. As you can well imagine by the title of this blog, we are leaning Sayre, but hardly 'shills' for anyone candidate or issue. In other words, you may see posts of other VCAP endorsed candidates, and/or reports from their campaigns as well, along with analysis of the districts in play for the June Primaries, and November Elections.
If you are interested in contributing to Blogging 4 Sayre contact me at Thanks, and enjoy the blog!


Blogger JohnMaxfield said...

Scott is a good man.

March 26, 2007 at 9:44 PM  
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